Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bob Marley - One Love

Nothing like a video to cheer me up, nothing like reggae.
This video is so 80s, it's hilarious.
I saw a boy really similar to this one in the beach. His hair was shorter and he had a knitted hat in his head. He was simply adorable. He was running through the beach with his father making tricks with a ball (yes, tricks again).


Maddie said...

It's all about LOVE.


In my humble opinion:)

Niall said...
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Niall said...

"Let's get together and feel alright"...this is one of those moments when I wish there were some teleportation device!..I'm sure I speak for all my fellow bloggers on this..right now you need some one to tell you it's going to be OK. You need people around you who understand and who care.Perhaps there is some way we can close our eyes this night and send warm lovely loving dreams out ot you that you might see your self for what you really are..and in my humble opinion, a young woman who is atuned to the works of the heart..the beauty of the everyday, the joy of the world. Without you we would be all the are our Porto star! Imagine our hugs tonight Devil..

(sorry for the deletion..typographical error was not dectected until I sent it..then I saw it and needed to remove it!)

Stephanie said...

Oh my god - that made me laugh. I've never seen that video before. What a great flashback :)

holy chaos said...

I love the 80's


I love your blog


or sad...

or whatever

you are a sweet, kind soul.