Wednesday, August 01, 2007


These two weeks were strange - they passed slowly, but also quickly. I wasn't there but I wasn't anywhere else; probably absent from the world, in some kind of limbo.
The weather was just right - not too hot, always sunny, a fresh breeze sometimes. The sea water was cold. Most days you could be in the beach and hear nothing but the sea. If you walked a little further into the island, you could have a beach just to yourself.
I noticed three trends in the beach:
#1 Tattoos - I was astounded by the number of people carrying disgusting tattoos, especially women. I think (and I hope for their sake) those were temporary ones because most of them were so ugly.
#2 Skills - in the past, people took footballs to the beach and played between friends. They still do that but now there seems to be an obligation to make some "Ronaldo-inspired" tricks and skills everytime anyone touches a ball. You can't just pass the ball, you have to pass it with your backheel or switching your feet around. It's fun to watch, however silly it is. And I saw some talented people there too.
#3 Kitesurfing is the new "bodyboard" - it's very fashionable over there. There's a school and everything if you want to learn.


Vesper said...

beautiful photos! i'm glad you're back!!

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Stunning photos ... I particularly love the cat one (predictable, aren't I !).
Glad you are back ...
Hope you have a fabulous weekend.
Take care, Meow

dharmabum said...

lovely flower, great snaps!

u know, u gotta come to goa sometime - that house in the first snap, there are so many like that in goa, probably owing to the portugese culture, its quite fascinating!

u don't like tattoos? i am so fascinated by them, am waiting to get one done. the only thing i'm worried about is contracting some stupid infection. and my mother of course, she'll disown me if she knows :P

glad to hear u had a good time.

Maddie said...

I just love your photo's as you know -
you need to set up an etsy account
so I can buy a print!


diyadear said...

hiii gald to have u back.. thanks for sharing the beautiful pics.. happy to know u had a nice vacation... :)

Anonymous said...

So that was your little friend? I bet she misses you petting her. I'm wondering if you could send me that photo as a jpg? I think it would make a great sketch.


MAHIMA said...

good to see you're back!
I love your photos.
Re: the three trends: its interesting, your observations. and i was just at the local park the other day and saying noone wants to play for fun, or play with a non-expert anymore!
Have a ton of mail leaving from my art table (clearing up since I'm leaving in a month or so). How would you like some welcome back mail from me?

Devil Mood said...

Vesper: Thank you!

Meow: haha thanks, I like the cat picture too. Enjoy your weekend as well!

Dharmabum: Do you live near Goa? Yes, I've hear the portuguese influence is still visible. It must be a great place. I don't dislike all tattoos but I think they need to be meaningful, not just a temporary one to take to the beach with you, like the ones I saw over there. ;)

Maddie: What a great idea, but I'm not sure there'd be many costumers ;)

Diyadear: Thanks for the warm welcome (well, considering the heat, thanks for the fresh welcome ;)

Day: Yes, that was her! I will send it to you, of course.

Mahima: Are you kidding? I would love some! Thanks :)

chrispito said...

welcome back!

fb said...

Melting Cat!You're back!

Still internet cafe surfing so periodic flybys will be occurring.

Lucas Leiva is the Brazil U20 captain (at least he 's not another Argentinian! ;)

Leto, Insua, Palleta all played that night as well as Mascherano(all Argentinian)

Nice dinked finish by Torres!

I id manage to see the match at my grandparents.

Ps said...

Lovely pictures!I especialy liked the cat and the blue checks.

Devil Mood said...

Chrispito: Thank you! :)

FB: Have never heard of those before, but I guess it's a trend. Porto bought 3 Argentines as well. Grandparents rock sometimes, don't they? :)

PS: Great! Glad you liked them.