Sunday, August 05, 2007

More glimpses from my holidays

View from the road: "almost" like an African savannah haha

What's this called in English? It's the place where the bands play music.

Great salad I ate at lunch. Great in all senses - huge pile of carrot!

There's a stork on top of the church tower. In fact, every high place is home for the storks.

Cat and cactus. Careful there, kitty.

A door. Or was it a window?

I can safely say that that was me, but - hey, no peeking!

Moon and a chimney. Nice duo.

See? I told you about the kitesurfing.

View from the boat.

I think cats down there are thinner because of the hot weather. Seriously.


kimananda said...

Such beautiful pics! I especially like the Algarvian chimneys, with all the Algarvian storks.

Did you try kitesurfing while you were there?

fb said...


Ok so Porto won but what kind of a silly trophy was that?

Niall said...

Wondeful photos!!!!I love the Door/Window and the blue tiles in the pool. It looks a wonderful part of Portugal for the beach games..Scottish beaches have the pass times of Crabbing, chasing the wind swept sunhat and that old favourite..stopping the raincoat from being torn from your back by the howling gale

Stephanie said...

I think maybe the word you are looking for is gazebo...though maybe that's just when they are in gardens?

Bandstand works ;)

I love the photos - I need to take holiday recommendations from you, so I can go to where the people are not!

holy chaos said...

You must have had a wonderful time!

I would like to know,too...

Did you try kitesurfing?

Those are beautiful pics!

dharmabum said...

our cats here are much much thinner.

and u're hiding all the time, so wheres the question of peeking, devil dear?

phish said...

blue is the colour. sorry i peeked :)

the pictures are wonderful and i wish there some more words.

Christopher said...

Wow! I need a holiday so bad! This just confirms it.

Devil Mood said...

Kim: No way! You need to have a powerful physical presence to do kitesurf, otherwise you'll fly all the way to Africa. And there's a lot of training involved.

FB: The trophy of the cities with ports - how beautiful is that? ;) Ah, I bet Liverpool wish they had one of those - kidding ;)

Niall: LOL that's funny, but despite the weather I've seen wonderful beaches in Scotland on TV and photos.

Stephanie: You really could have a beach for yourself over there; other places were a little bit more crowded. A gazebo, that's a curious word!

Holychaos: Thanks. I didn't try kitesurf, it requires a lot of training and strenght and possibly weight. If you don't control the kite you'll fly all over the sea. It's freaky.

Dharmabum: I bet they are. I hide, that's me. It's a sport. ;)

Phish: I wish there were more words too but I can't seem to get them out these days. What did you peek?

Chris: Oh, I hope the pictures inspire you instead of being frustrating.

Cathy said...

Welcome back!
It feels like I have been gone forever as well. I am looking forward to getting back into a routine again!

Ps said...

wow! Loved the door/window. Also loved the cat.
Niall too has posted holiday pics.I love looking at other people's holiday pics.ok--i also love looking at my own holiday pics!!
Glad u had a good time!

Anonymous said...

Here our Greek Salads don't have carrots.


and dressing.

However yours did look good.


Devil Mood said...

Cathy: Welcome back to you and all :) I see what you mean, even though that's not how I feel at the moment. lol

PS: Holidays make great pictures, don't they? ;) Photogenic places.

Day: You probably misread because I didn't say it was a Greek salad - I think those are pretty much the same everywhere. This was another kind of salad: carrot, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion and mushrooms. :)