Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where would I be without tags?

Novel and Dharmabum had this tag on their blogs and they've suggested I did it too. I'm supposed to write nine things about myself, one of which is a lie. And you'll have to guess which one it is.
I honestly don't think I can come with 9 new things about me that you don't already know, but I'm making an effort.

1. I can't lie. I don't know why! I could, I really could. Lying is all about the detail, it's easy, I write a lot of stories. But there's something inside of me that aches when I try to lie, so I don't do it. (I have lied for the purpose of saving other people's feelings, but I still felt terrible).

2. I'm an anti-intellectual. I hate the whole bunch of them. Even though I am interested in books, literature, art and performance...I don't like these obvious people that go to the museum looking at the catalog, that visit shows just to say they were there, that take the newspaper and the Sunday sections and a bunch of trendy books to the cafe-shop to show the world how much they read.

3. I need to be alone several hours a day (and not just to sleep). It's the Greta Garbo syndrome - "I vant to be alone!" - I've investigated and I found out that she had a 12th house Moon like me, indicating this exact necessity of solitude. I like people, I do, but they just exhaust me so much that I need to be alone to be balanced again.

4. There are places far-away from where I live and which I've never visited, yet I feel like I know them and I can feel what it is like to live there, in the present and in previous eras. Is this vivid imagination, intuition, past-lives or lunacy? ;)

5. I promised a friend of mine that I would get a football shirt from Argentina if a certain player didn't leave our team. I hate promises but you don't kid around with them...

6. I signed in to Arts school in high school but I changed my inscription to another course before the classes even started. My Arts teacher had told me to join the area because of a single piece I had done at school, but she must've been blind if she thought I'd be any good at it.

7. I dream of having a little garden with a place to plant things and have breakfast beneath the sun in the morning.

8. I have a total cake-obsession. I can't walk past a pastry shop without trying something, chocolate things being my favourites, of course.

9. My head's been so busy with learning new things that hours fly by and I don't even notice. There's not enough hours in the day for me to absorb everything I want to absorb. I never want to stop learning and I especially don't want to think I have nothing else to learn.

Now you!! Yes, you! I'll tell you about my false-truth later.


Ps said...

Oh--I am the first one to comment!
I think no.8 is a lie!! :-)

Novel Nymph said...


Devil you have opened a window for inspired the post I am working on right now.

You are such an inspiration!:)


holy chaos said...

i am thinking number 8 or 5,too.

i need to be alone for periods of time ,too or at least have some peace and quiet

dharmabum said...

i think the cake obsession is a lie.

sometimes, others around me don't understand my need for solitude. :(

fb said...

The clock is ticking on the mad sales day of football!

It was bound to happen especially after missing each other in Rotterdam.

kimananda said...

Alright, I don't know if number 8 is the lie, but if it isn't, seeing how many pastlarias there are in Porto, then you are in big trouble. Though I weighed a lot less when I was in Lisbon, and I never passed up a Garibaldi or some other goodie if I could possibly help it...even with the fear each time that I was going to slide right then and there into a diabetic coma.

Niall said...

I can't believe you'd ever wear an Argentinian are Porto through and through!..

diyadear said...

i think the first one is a lie :D

dharmabum said...

give us the answer will you? please.

Anonymous said...

now my brain hurts!

Vesper said...

loved your list, and i'm also anti-intellectual. i love learners, but i don't like all the pretenses that so many intellectuals excel at.

Anonymous said...

that photo is fantastic! I'm just catching up; I was away.
I can see why you detest intellectuals,but for me they provide hours of entertainment. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jen said...

hi devilmood...this is a fun one...if there were not so many things to do, I would like to do this one now...well, it was interesting to read your list...i see the desire for a garden in the country made the list of course. i could just copy your 2,3,4 and 9 and 8 for the, I guess 1 is true for me to.