Monday, September 03, 2007

I surrender

Okay, okay.
The lie was no. 8, as some of you guessed correctly. I'm not a cake-person. I'd rather have fruit, though sometimes I have my sweet-tooth days. And I do eat a considerable amount of chocolate, just not too much.

The last few days I've surrendered to:
- Agatha Cristie's Poirot - the films. Mademoiselle, Madame, Monsieur...
- Liz Greene's book "Relating" - amazing mix of psychoanalysis and astrology.
- Emmental cheese - no comments necessary.
- US Open - I didn't know this was the tournament with the loudest, most excited crowd. Now I do. :)
- Spanish guitars.

How about you? Do you surrender to anything?


Ps said...

oooh--so I was right!! I do know you Devil mood! :-)

What do I surrender to? maybe long chats with friends , deep into midnight, even though i know I have a very early day next day--thats what i surrender to.

Vesper said...

love the surrender pic!

Cathy said...

I am a cake person. And cookies...oh yes, I surrender to those!

chrispito said...

I surrender to grief. I surrender to reinventing the wheel--sorry folks!. I surrender to my family.
I've been away, and it's good to be back and reading your blog, devil! I surrender to blogland! ha HA!

Anonymous said...

love the surrender picture!!!

holy chaos said...

i surrender to my children and to long naps.

Devil Mood said...

PS: Yes, you do. Well done! That's a great thing to surrender to :)

Vesper: It's the complete surrender-ness lol I don't know what the word is.

Cathy: I must say I surrender to cookies too. You got me there ;)

Chrispito: Deep things - it's that Pluto isn't it? And don't you think surrender is a PLuto thing, now that I think about it..?

Day: hehe! Thanks.

Holychaos: ahhh sweet :)

Anonymous said...

Your lucky Not to have gotten that gene.

Oh they place is fun. One day I would love to dress up to go there. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

Maddie said...

I surrender to cake!

And lakes and poetry and
India and a child's big smile-
to the smell of nag champa and
sips of chai - to my goji berries
in my oatmeal.

O.K the last one was a lie!


Niall said...

Cake?..I should have known!..but hten that's what MEME's are tell something unknown.

Isurrender to myself...I am my owm worst enemy!

Niall said...

and I can't can't spell properly!!!'s late..I need sleep!

dharmabum said...

yaaaaaayyyy, i got it right :)

i'd like to think i surrender to the will of the cosmic intelligence, i keep trying. its hard though :)

MAHIMA said...

i try to surrender to generosity and compassion. but sometimes its hard to just stop rolling my eyes at some people. :p
i surrender to my little puppy whole heartedly. no conditions. :)

Stephanie said...

I think I'm more at "I give up!" right now :S

Cathy said...

Hi DM...just wondering where you are and if you have a facebook account?...

Devil Mood said...

Day: Yes, dressing up Renassaince sounds fun! :)

Maddie: Nice. I have champa incense, it's really good! :)

Niall: Don't worry about that. I surrender to myself too, that was well put.

Dharmabum: Wow, cosmic intelligence! I want to surrender to that too! Honestly.

Mahima: Ohh, sweet! :)

Stephanie: Hmmm, I give up some things too...

Cathy: Hi, I'm right here. No Facebook and don't intend to either. ;)

Jen said...

the spanish guitar ...wish i could listen right now...

um, soon i hope to surrender to sleep

generally I'm not one to surrender...stubborn my ?pride...
maybe one day i'll smarten up and surrender cause love is ;-)

p.s. there is not one piece of cake I would surrender to, unless it's that time of the month ;-)

Devil Mood said...

Jen: Sometimes haven't pride is smart! The trick might be surrendering only on special occasions.