Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Cathy had a fun meme in her blog. Another way to spend a few minutes browsing images. Here's how you do it: go to Google Images (believe it or not, they're not paying for me to say this, damn) and type your year of birth. Then select some images that portray some aspects of that year.

This was the Lusitano horse that won all the prizes in 1983 - cute!

Elvis Costello looks just the same! How does he do that?

Artistic photo by an artist called Tseng Kwong Chi, in my birthtown.
This was the year Yves Saint-Laurent launched Paris. How fitting.

The yatch on Miami Vice - ah!

This was the dress Queen Sylvia (from Sweden, I expect) wore to the Nobel Awards. How pretty and timeless!

These were the countries that participated on the Eurovision Song Contest in 1983. Luxemburg won with Corinne Hermès.

I'd like to think not all Canadian homes looked like this in the eighties but...this was hip then.

Oh my....

Here are a couple of members of a band called Alice. My Dad had a grey jacket just like that!

Lovely eighties design...

The Jubilee line in London's Underground. Very seventies.

The cover of Soaring Magazine in the month I was born. I love the grey, very eighties but I like it.

Aaah, the Rubik's Cube - I want one, I miss this non-tech gadget so much.

A group of Physics students from Ohio. Long live the short-shorts lol

Here's what a laptop looked like back then. It actually says portable computer and, believe it or not, that light is the screen!


Niall said...

!1983!!..a vintage year...and what a good idea for a meme.

DayByDay4-2Day said...

1983 I was a sophomore in high school so alot of that stuff.

I looked up my year.. good year for the automobile.... 1967

Cathy said...

Great group of images, DM!
(Although you are making me feel old: my in-laws still own that tv, and I remember waering those shorts!).
You are officially entered into the contest :)

Stephanie said...

I think I had those short too :)

I'll have to do this one!

Chamki said...

Devil mood,
this is so much fun reading that I want to do it!
I loved your choice of pictures as well.

lotsa love,

Scholiast said...

I think I'll do this too, really needed something like this to bring me back blogging :)

kimananda said...

There are some really fun images here...I especially love the red dress. I may need something like this to get me back in the blogging rhythm...it's been so long since I've posted anything that it's hard to start again.

Ps said...

That was a real nice meme!
1983!! --I was in 7th grade then! :-)
Real nice images and even better are your comments!

holy chaos said...

I saw an older guy with shorts like were in that pic! my sons always comment about how gross shorts like that are!

i love the fragrance "paris"

phish said...

extremely interesting. will try it myself. myriad minded as i am. and humble too :)

i am back by the way.

Devil Mood said...

Niall: It's very fitting that you say vintage, that's an expression we use a lot over here, being the port wine region and all...

Day: I think the further we go back, the more fun it gets to remember, ha?

Cathy: Thanks. No, not old, but a lot wiser :) Really? Maybe that TV will come in fashion again and they can sell it for a lot of money. haha Is there a contest?

Stephanie: Well, as long as we got good legs, we can wear the shorts we want, right?

Chamki: Oh thanks :) I want to see yours too, even though you're so very young ;)

Scholiast: If this is what it took, I'm happy!

Kim: You too? Is there some kind of blogging-laziness going around in Scandinavia?

PS: Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Hope it was a good trip down memory lane.

Holychaos: That fragrance is quite unique, isn't it? hhaha not gross, just a little revealing ;)

Phish: I'll look forward to seeing that. Glad you're back!

adi said...

heck, have been thinking of doing the same for the past one week!!!
but, google didnt crop up in my mind,
thanks devil,
btw, i came here from maddie's blog
hope u'll come over to delhidreams someday :)
love 'n peace

chrispito said...

I love it! And I'm taking your lead!

Devil Mood said...

Adi: Thanks for dropping by. Google Images really makes it easier to do this, so I hope you can accomplish your goal. :)

Chrispito: Great! I want to see that!

Vesper said...

i'm doing this!