Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Sometimes this is what you get when you're zapping.
I'd never seen this show (Everwood) and I probably won't watch it again. I didn't even watch the whole episode, just this scene because it appealed to me and it made me stop my incessant search for a better Tv channel.

I know how soppy this scene is and the bath thing was completely unecessary, girl with the glasses. But it's still nice what he says, the way he decides to confront the girl and her insecurities. Sometimes we have no idea of the effect we have on other people because we don't intend to have any effect, we're just living our lives. And when we try to have some effect on them, it simply won't work because people only see what they want to see, which is what they project onto others. So sometimes it really doesn't matter who you fall in love with, as long as the other person has the right characteristics to suit our projections better.
In the end, yes the girl is beautiful and it's a shame she doesn't see that, but even if she wasn't, the guy would still see her as such and that's the way of the world. :)


holy chaos said...

thought-provoking post, devil mood.

I had a guy like that (my high school sweet heart)

he convinced her she was beautiful?

i think it can work the opposite way,too : (

I have never seen this show.

okay, rice is bubling out of the pot as L tells me

life calls AGAIN

Niall said...

probably the last piece was unecessary, but that was beautiful..it made my heart beat faster.When we use the truth to strengthen and heal, it is a powerful and wonderful thing.

diyadear said...

hey that was an excellent post.. how true.. such a trvial looking matter, but its soo important how that small thing may change ur life.. loved this post!!!

dharmabum said...

haven't watched the vid, and i don't think i wil either, but i completely agree with u - we do our things, but seem to have all sorts of effects on the people around us - some desirable effects, others not so.

Maddie said...

made me cry like a baby.

I am such a wiener.


fb said...

If Jose starts coaching women's football will you join?

Hopefully back online permanently or at least more accessible from next week.

Can somebody please explain to Mr Benitez that you play your best players in the premiership if you want to win the Premiership.

Chloe said...

that made me cry
(hey Maddy? want company?)
i am such a sucker.

p.s i hope you know how beautiful you are and that we won't have to lock you in a bathroom to prove it. xx

Devil Mood said...

Holychaos: Oh, I was happy for you and then I wasn't. That's terrible, but it seems possible. I wish no one had to go through that and just had some inner strenght and confidence.

Niall: Oh, I'm so happy when my posts are emotion-provoking! What a poetic sentence that was...

Diyadear: I'm glad, thank you!

Dharmabum: That's true but you're missing the best part, which really is the video.

Maddie: I cried too, that's why I posted. And you're great!

FB: Why would Mourinho coach women? Oh, I know, because he CAN ;) I think you should tell Rafa yourself and tell him to get rid of the goatee!

Chloe: hehe thanks. And I cried too so we can have a crying threesome.

Jen said...

power of love spoken and heard...
power of another to affirm what we know of ourselves
being appreciated and loved by another does mean alot to everyone
no matter how much we say how important it is to love one's self (which is true of course)

your mention of how people love someone who has the right characteristics to suit our projections better...very interesting...yes, i can see how people see what they want to see..but what happens when they start to see it all...the projections/"what they want to see" is looked at again by them
but to be seen along with what they see now...a chance to see what's real and to value still what was loved originally, and to accept and understand more...

often this happens not by choice, i think...too bad. but that is the way of the world unless people start to understand how the world works and figures out a different way. ....see as is, not as want..
know what want, work to express and understand...

not outraged..but frustrated sometimes and sad...but the world it is a changin ...just wish it would hurry up..would like to see it...experience it more

not only did he confront her...he did it with intention of her knowing he was sincerely enamored with her...and it was sincere...
freed her up alright, to show more of herself...to say, I like you and want to be near you...aw...but I think a hug and an i love you too thank you for saying this so I could hear...or something like that would have done just fine.

holy chaos said...

i didn't mean to be a downer!

so i do not have a "cheer-leader" anymore... but I am stonger...

I used to completely rely on what others said about me to believe it but now I have HAD to stop doing that(as much): )