Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sunday Scribblings - Sorry

There wasn't going to be a prompt this week on Sunday Scribblings but people missed having a word to write about and they made the sorry post into a sorry prompt. Clever, eh?

I'm sorry I haven't been replying to all your comments. Rest assured that they have all been read and pondered. There would be no point for me to blog at the moment if there was no interaction with you. Maybe it didn't start as such, perhaps it was just a place to write, but quickly it became all about the people so I'm really grateful for every comment I get. I really enjoyed all of your interpretations of the music from another room theory.

I love it when my posts make you think and I especially love it when they make you feel. I'm not much of a thinker, much more of a sometimes I have nothing intelligent to reply to your posts and comments and I'm sorry about that too. But more often than not, I will feel things, that perhaps I won't be able to express verbally. This goes on when I write too: I have the ideas, the imagination runs wild but I get upset at the words, at the sentences, at the structure, even though I love the language, I'm not in it for the language, I'm in it for the emotion.

Sorry is an emotion I've been feeling a lot. I'm sorry I don't meet your expectations, I'm sorry I'm not more like you, I'm sorry I'm so different that you can't understand me. This is starting to remind me of a song. Ah, yes, it's Jewel's Sometimes it be that way:

And I'm sorry I snuck up on you from behind
I'm sorry not all my love letters did rhyme
And I'm sorry that Jesus died for my sins
And I swear to God it won't happen again
I'm sorry if it was my swerve that tempted you to sway
Oh well, sometimes it be that way

She says sorry for hundreds of things, most of which she can't be held responsible for. So, you see, she's not really sorry. The relationship turned sour, sometimes it be that way. What else can she do?
And I'm not really sorry either. I feel bad but what can I do? I won't change, not enough to please everyone anyway ;)

*my new shelf, filled with pretty things.

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tumblewords said...

Ah, yes. Sorry comes in many flavors - many of them quite taste-free. I enjoyed reading your post! Nicely done.

Robin said...

I think you convey your feelings very well. I too write for the interaction rather than for the writing itself. I couldn't do it if no one were out there reading.

Ps said...

I'm sorry you are sorry!!You dont have to be like anybody.You dont have to be understood by everybody.
you write beautifully and I love reading what u have to say.So dont be sorry!!

Stephanie said...

I think I'd write even if people didn't read...I guess I know I would, because I have...but I love the interaction of the blog too. It's like a personal letter from a friend in your mailbox. I'll keep coming here (and commenting!) as long as you are happy to keep blogging. I hope it's a long time.

Rather than filling your comments with song lyrics, your song reference reminds me of an ani difranco song, I'm just not sure if it's this one, or this one.

Anonymous said...

You're lovely. (Oh, and I'm trying not to covet your new shelf, LOL!)

fb said...

I don't think you need to be sorry about anything.

Just keep doing what you're doing and we'll keep on coming.

Maddie said...

I wish i wrote this - I loved it
so much!

and your shelf is very beautiful -
is that wallpaper?
Verrrrry pretty!

I have a book of poetry of Jewels -
I am sure you would love it -
it is so RAW.

sorry I can't spell - or punctuate...


dharmabum said...

its just about impossible to please everyone u know.

i'm sorry too - for being sorry too often, for my apologies have stopped carrying any value

gautami tripathy said...

Very interesting post. Well written too. It was a sheer pleasure to read it.

Niall said...

This is me telling you off!!!You are saying you are sorry you have caused me to think, to look in wonder at the world through your the beautiful city you live the intricate little details your writting pulls out of seemingly ordinary the often emmotionally challenging and heart warming things you show us in your words..the videos you present..the smiles, the wisdom, the thought?..My friend..don't ever say you are sorry...!!!Not only me..but I think I speak for all of us here would be all the poorer if you were not in our lives..right here..right now!...Devilmood..take up your pen ..warrior of the heart!

Chloe said...

once, when i was a teenager, as i was having lunch with my family, i dropped a potato on the floor. And as i was picking it up from the floor, absent-mindedly, i said to the potato "oh, sorry".

Then everybody laughed.

We are on a guilt trip, but that's okay. I prefer you being sorry for jesus to people who are never sorry, and are always too precious to feel guilt.

holy chaos said...

this post made me think and feel! I love your blog and will continue to read regardless of if you reply to my comments.

that is so funny about chloe saying sorry to a potato! goes right along with your post!

Have you ever bumped into a wall or door and said "sorry" lol!

phish said...

i truly understand what you are saying. the song is beautiful. and just so the little footprints i found on my blog.

left anonymously. yet by you.
I truly understand what you are saying. yes, i do.

Devil Mood said...

Tumbleworlds: Thank you! Ah, taste-free, exactly.

Robin: Then we have something in common, eh?

PS: Oh thanks :)

Stephanie: I hope so too, not for the blog itself, but keeping in touch with you. That woman has some great lyrics :)

Chrispito: hehe thanks, girl!

FB: Ok, you're the boss. I try, I try.

Maddie: Don't start with your spelling, it's fine! It's not exactly wallpaper because it came this way already. And I'm so glad you liked what I wrote.

Dharmabum: So maybe we should stop saying sorry at all. Should we make a pact?

Gautami: Oh thank you! Welcome back.

Niall: One day I'll have to print all your comments and put them next to my desk. Or not. I probably wouldn't do anything else and just stare at them. hehehe

Chloe: lol I'm sure the potatoe was really touched ;) I guess that's true, even though I'm snapping at the people who say sorry too often. But yes, it's prefearable.

Holychaos: I think that has happened to me, probably after a bad day. lol :)

Phish: Good! I'm glad I'm getting through :)