Wednesday, October 03, 2007

weird is beautiful

I don't know exactly what I've been doing, apart from writing, but I have been busy somehow. Just don't ask me why because I can't be objective about time and tasks. Time seems to spin by my life without me being conscious of it.

The other day I watched a film called Music From Another Room and I'm happy when I can take at least one good idea from a film. Some are just so plain and predictable it's a complete waste of time. I understand that the point of watching something may be to pass the time, to relax, think about other things, but it really gets better when they give you something to think about.

This film is a typical romantic comedy, predictable and not very funny, but it has a great cast with Jennifer Tily, Jude Law and Jeremy Piven, etc...But what I enjoyed the most was the metaphor of love that was given.

Somebody asked what was being in love like and it was explained that it was similar to hearing a song play in another room and you know it well so you sing along to yourself. But then a noise comes in the middle and you stop listening to the song for some time, but you keep humming it to yourself, so when the noise ends, you can listen to the song again and you realize that you're humming it with the exact timing it is being played. I've been trying to understand how this is similar to love but it's not very clear. What do you think?

Other than that it annoyed me that I knew what twists and turns the film would take. We all know the stories we tell are always the same, it's only the characters and the details that change, the process is the same. Why? Because in order to mean anything to all of us, the story has to portray an archetype, symbols that are in our collective unconscious and that we all relate to. But sometimes that is so DULL. I want more films that are completely insane, where people are sad in the end, nobody grows wiser, nobody gets rich or sucessful or finds love. Maybe I want films that I simply cannot understand. And maybe I'm insane ;)


holy chaos said...

my sons liked your post!

i don't quite get that metaphor,either.

Niall said...

I've probably mentioned before my love for the film 'Amelie'...a film which beautifully depicts the tension and unfolding mystery of desire. For me,Love is intioxicating, it is frantically irrational, it is a breathless hunger and desire. It is like a song in another room, it cannot be ignored.Like a 'noisey neighbour playing rap, the bass line thumps throughout the building..there is no escape, it is the soundtrack to your every breath, nothing can calm you, you become wild and think of nothing but the thudding of your heart every time you think or hear their see their face when you look or close your eyes, when awake or in a feel their lips upon your own and their arms around you..the scent of their breath in your senses, the are your ever need to live because of you know what I mean?..(or is it just me?)

Anonymous said...

Love is a vibration. One we all could use a little more of, I think.

fb said...

Or you can watch sad sporting events like Liverpool at Anfield.(absolutely dire)

I wonder did you ever see Gondry's 'Science of Sleep'

i'd be interested to hear what you make or made of it.

Maddie said...

you would love science of sleep

yes you would!

(i think)

or my fave

love actually


dharmabum said...

i don't know about love and all that. i like jude law.

and i don't think u're insane. every human being is unique. we somehow have devised commonalities in society, and we expect everybody to confirm to them. and anybody who deviates is branded insane. in that sense, u can call urself that. in which case - welcome to the world of insanity :)

Miss Iyer said...

I think using that metaphor what they're trying to say is ... the music from the other room is love and the noise is probably all the quarreling you do. But at the end of the quarrel, you're still sooooo IN love! I guess that's what it means. But maybe I'm wrong, 'cos I belong to the insane category too.. You're not alone ;P.

I'm insane too and I need those movies that I don't understand but in the end, it makes you think! So it's good! That way, I LOVED Amelie another beautiful love story and of course The Fountain which made me ponder and I'm still trying to decipher what the objective of the movie was. lol

Chloe said...

maybe what they meant was that every time we fall in love it is to the same tune, the same person, something we know too well, but maybe it takes us a minute to realize. Or maybe not!

Devil Mood said...

Holychaos: Did they? That's sweet :)

Niall: Amelie is different, you really don't know what is going to happen next. Perhaps you should be the one writing about the Moonbrigde, you know, I think you'd do brilliantly! And no, it's not just you!

Chrispito: Interesting, a vibration. I agree.

FB: I have downloaded that film but sadly it's in German so I had to postpone the viewing. I will watch it though. Our group is becoming interesting!

Maddie: I need to watch that and I love your fave too heheh

Dharmabum: Oh I like being insane and I have to say I'm very good at it :)

Miss Iyer: I like your interpretation, that might be it. I wanted to watch the Fountain because of the beautiful images, but I heard the plot was 'insane' - maybe I should see it NOW ;)

Chloe: That sounds very likely. At least, I believe it to be that way. Maybe it's not but I think it is lol

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of love being explained like before. Very interesting. Perhaps then when two get married they are singing the same song???

Kristen Hovet said...

i can say what i think this means, or what it means to me. it means that being in love is resonating so perfectly with someone...and i use resonance in a musical sense, to match the metaphor that was used in the film. the sounds, the music, the vibrations add up, because there's a recognition that they are one and the same. shared seamlessly.

Jonice said...

...but you keep humming it to yourself, so when the noise ends, you can listen to the song again and you realize that you're humming it with the exact timing it is being played.

I do like this! But just like you're not being too objective about time and tasks, I cannot be that objetive either about my liking this. Anyway, I do like it and identify with it somehow.

Have a nice weekend, DM :)

Ps said...

If you are truly in love,you never stop hearing the music, even if there are background noises.(Incidents that get you down) When you are in love nothing ever matters except being with that one person.I guess thats what the metphor is trying to say.
I don't mind predictable movies, as long as they are entertaining.But i love movies that are different too.(Well--let me just say i love movies!!) :-)
Good to be back.Missed you.

Devil Mood said...

Day: Hopefully they are!! :)

Kristen: Ah, that's beautiful. I think that's true. You have a knack for interpretation, well you are an actress!

Jonice: I know what you mean - many times I can't explain why I like or dislike certain things.

PS: I like your interpretation! That might be it, but it doesn't really matter now because what was most joyful was reading your opinions :)