Wednesday, November 21, 2007


A quick hello to say Happy Birthday to my friend Niall. If you haven't seen his blog, you don't know what you're missing. I'm not one to feature propaganda in my blog usually but Niall is a true artist and this should definitely be taken as a compliment. Plus he is a great friend and extremely funny. And his work hasn't received nearly as recognition as it should, in my opinion.
This seems to be the time for birthdays, as it was Maddie's birthday yesterday too. Maddie is another true artist, with her magical words and her fabulous pictures - I mean, look at those cups in the rain! She is the most poetical person in the world :)


Niall said...

You're too kind ! thank you for the mention..and I'd like to welcome anyone who would dare to enter the realm of Dancing For Beginners!.

kimananda said...

Wow, thanks for the 'propaganda'! I of course know Maddie, but I've just now clued in to Niall and his amazing art. Excellent!

Miss Iyer said...

I'll take your word for it and go visit niall.

But oh! I miss my friends :(

Violet said...

Thank you for the links to your friends. they seem pretty worth visiting.
I'm wondering how did you find such a cool template for your blog?
Can't find anything nearly as great for blogger. Can you help?

phish said...

thanks for introducing me to niall's wonderful world. niall, if you are listening you are on my bookmarks.

Devil Mood said...

Niall: Ah, don't mention it.

Kim: Yay, that's great news! Bringing people together feels great.

Miss Iyer: Which ones? Blog ones or day-to-day ones? (what a stupid definition of mine)

Violet: I hope I have helped you.

Phish: I'll make sure he 'listens'.

Maddie said...

Well your sweet post cheered me
so much as I have been a tiny
funk this week ~ and that photo of
the tree undressing is


Chloe said...

happy birthday to all our friends and while we are at it, happy thanksgiving to us although we don't celebrate it, but we can make believe and eat pie.