Monday, November 19, 2007

winter reds

First day of Autumn came today - it seems more like Winter to me but still a month to go until that evil season ;)

I'm cold. It's dark. It's raining stupidly outside. I didn't feel like getting out of bed, didn't feel like doing much at all. Could be a case of Winter blues.
But then I realized what this weather is really doing to me - it makes want to wear a lot of clothes and keep warm, makes me want to eat more instead of just an apple, makes me want to drink really hot drinks, makes me even want to listen to music louder (what's that about?) - I guess I simply want to suffocate the cold, forget about it, forget about the cold feet and shivers.

So everything is excess! And the colour of excess isn't blue, it's more red. Or if we go into astrological concepts, excess is Leo and Leo's colour is gold. And gold is there you go.

Here's an excessive song to start the week. The video is boring unless you want to stare at Fiona Apple's perfect face. But the song is one of my favourites. It's excessively fantastic.


Devil Mood said...

Forgot to say it's called:
"Shadow Boxer"

kimananda said...

Autumn and winter do seem the time for excesses so many of the things we overindulge in have the side-effect of keeping us warm. It makes sense to me! I also recommend a good down duvet (I was just lent one by a friend who has moved out of Denmark). Not sure if it's excessive, but it's comfortable!

holy chaos said...

she has a beautiful,rich voice.

we need rain so bad here!

it is like 75 here...

where did our winters go?

oh, that reminds me of a great book that I think you would like
called "Winter Solstice"

Niall said...

What gorgeously excessive sensual expressive heartbreakingly melancholic words you use...

phish said...

an excessive onset of winter needs an excessive volley of emotions and words. i love what you experienced. waking up like that, strangely, makes me feel very good.

to fiona apple. i had a crsuh on her for three years. for obvious reasons.

Miss Iyer said...

aah! I love how your words flow.. especially love how the colors mix with astrology. :)

Devil Mood said...

Kim: Is that something you put under yourself or am I misunderstanding? I'm very peculiar about duvets, I only use mine when it gets really cold. Hmm comfort warm food :)

Holychaos: Oh great! I hope you get some rain soon, it's worrying when it doesn't arrive when it should. Weather has been very weird.

Niall: lol thanks, but I never noticed any of that.

Phish: Oh I'm glad I picked Fiona then - but why did your crush end? Was she mean to you? ;) Kidding, I know crushes end for no reason, just like they begin!

Miss Iyer: hehe I seem to mix astrology with everything these days. Sound a little crazy even!

Jen said...

wow...that song is
powerful...yes, excessive...maybe not, though..
well, i enjoyed it : )
how are you doing? hoping you are well...beyond your blog: )
you have a wonderful blog
i hope to visit again soon
stay warm (hehe...i do miss the cozy feeling of being inside when it is cold and blustery....

Devil Mood said...

Jen, thank you. It's great to have you back here. You mentioned you were on Flickr. What is your nickname?