Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sunday Scribblings - Walk

walk or stay still

Walking is about self-affirmation. This explains why so many expressions use walking as a synonym for action and accomplishment: walk all over, walk the walk, walk on air, even walk away. Walking is a symbol of personal action, decision, will. A walk is an action with a defined destination; then we reach our goal, our accomplishment, the finishing line. This is why walking is recommended when a person wants to start a diet, for instance. It is not only a very good physical exercise, it's an expression of our will and our commitment towards a goal.

Walking can be therapeutic. It gives us a lot of time to think and to think while moving, which is different from thinking while you're lying in your bed and the thoughts seem to go round and round. Plus walking can actually take you places. Isn't it amazing how we're equipped to go anywhere if we persist and have some time?

This makes me think about people who can't walk or have limited locomotion and the consequences it must have on their life perspective, not to mention their quality of life. It must be similar to a prison sentence that only a great attitude can ignore.

The way we walk is very characteristic of us. Do you walk slowly or do you take everything with you as you go by? Me and my Dad walk very fast and move one arm on the side. It is not a coincidence that we have the same Ascendant. The Ascendant, while representing our immediate approach to life and the way people see us at first, often defines the way we walk. Heavy, light, swift, clumsy, furious...the way we walk is also the way we move through life, it's our motor, our life force. It's all in that movement...right foot forward, left foot forward...

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Lucy said...

if our walk is our movement through life I better SLOW down! great post!

Vesper said...

i love walking, and this post has inspired a long walk in the park. ;)

chrispito said...

oh my god, I love walking. it comes from my Dad; long walks together with no destination and no going home until tea time calls. (Very Sag, eh?)
oh, and I have no hair.

UL said...

Left,right, left...arms swinging and long strides. is the way I walk, what does that make me I wonder! I loved this post, thank you.

gautami tripathy said...

I walk very fast! I am always in a hurry kind of person!



Rob Kistner said...

I really enjoyed this. As I began reading your post, the song "Walk of Life" by Dire Straits, just popped into my head... ;)

"after all the violence and double talk
There's a song in the trouble and the strife
You do the walk, you do the walk of life"

Jonice said...

I love walking and I loved reading this text.
Think I'm gonna go for a walk now...
Sweet Sunday to you :)

Devil Mood said...

Lucy: I'm sure you get a lot more done going fast than many people.

Vesper: How nice! Can I come too?

Chrispito: hehe absolutely! Hair gone but sense of humor kept!

UL: thank you. I think I'd have to see you walking to have a clearer picture. Your description sounds like a regular walk to me ;)

Gautami: See, the way you walk is the way you are ;)

Rob: Now I'm singing it too! haha thank you

Jonice: How nice and the weather must be great for a walk over there...

Roam2Rome said... insightful! What a coincidence, I was just visiting to see the walk score of Rome :) (thanks to Non-American Life Blog)

Now that you mention it, I realize that this is one of the strongest reasons why I'm moving to Italy, it's a pedestrian culture (for the most part)... and you're right! it's easy to measure a person's temperament by the bounce in their step :)

Great post! ;)

Ps said...

What a lovely Cat photo! Perhaps the Catwalk (that models so) being called so justifies the name! So much grace in a cat's walk.(A real cat--not the models!)
My dad used to love to walk too.

Awareness said...

I love this covers so much of what I was thinking about when I first thought of the prompt.....

you captured the essence of what walking is beautifully.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I enjoyed reading this post - very thought provoking and true. I love walking! Beautiful cat too.

Redness said...

Loves this - honest and thought provoking ... and your kitty cat ... Awwwwwww! Thanks!

tickledpink.nicole said...

I have a friend who met her birth mother and they had so much in common, including the way they walked!

Thoughtful post.

tumblewords said...

Lots of information in this nicely written post! Thanks for the thoughtful look at 'walk'.

Niall said...

I read a recent article that stated that walking uses more fat as fuel than running. therefore, walking is a great way to excercise.

If you're a Monty Python fan (like me)..check out 'The Ministry Of Silly walks'! on 'youtube' sometime.

kimananda said...

I agree with Lucy...if the way we walk is our movement through life, then I too should consider slowing down. And possibly taking more time to look around me as I walk. I shall try to pay attention to the walks of those around me today.

Devil Mood said...

R2R: Yes, it's nice to be able to go everywhere just by walking. Plus the traffic in Italy is supposed to be insane...Italian drivers...oooh ;)

PS: I thought about the catwalk thing but I couldn't come up with a decent joke so... ;) Cats are amazingly elegant, yes.

Awareness: Oh thank you! And thanks for dropping by.

Crafty: I'm glad you enjoyed it! This cat has an amazing shiny fur :)

Redness: Thanks, I'm really glad you enjoyed it. He's a sweet, crazy cat.

Nicole: ah, that's very interesting! I suppose our way of walking is very genetic.

Thank you Tumblewords!!

Niall: I will check it. I'm curious now.

Kim: I guess walking can be a metaphor for so many things in life...Even the other day we were talking about the paths of life...

Maddie said...

I used to be a speedy walker ~
a walker with swinging arms
and a smile and a big stride ~

but now ~ i dawdle all the time
with nary a care for time ~
staring at all the minute details
of our beautiful planet:)

cute as pie cat!

Devil Mood said...

Maddie: Changing the way we walk ---wow! That is something worth considering :)