Thursday, January 31, 2008


This week I felt honoured for two things.

One of my articles on Venus and music was picked to figure in the bulletin of TopTen Astrology Sources - which is a compilation of various Astrology articles published online. I didn't even submit it, it was simply "found" which is one of great things about the Internet.


Niall @ Dancing for Beginners awarded my blog this...

I have to say that these days my blog is a bit far from excellent, apart from the template ;) The truth is I'm starting to think personal blogs may have an expiration date. There's only so much to be written about oneself when our goal is not to comment on politics, sports, films, etc...After a while, you either go crazy (like I have gone) or stop blogging regularly (or permanently).
This doesn't mean I don't like to read your blogs (as you may have noticed), so I'm awarding 5 Excellent blogs from my blogroll. I won't give much thought to this (if this is good or bad, I don't know), so here goes.

- Phish - I don't know much about Phish personally but from day 1 I was captivated by what he writes.

- Chloe - whatever comes up on the blog is good, I don't know why that is.

- Neith - when it comes to Astrological themes, it's always useful to stop by at her blog.

- Kimananda - anyone who commits to writing every day for a year deserves at least one award.

- Niall - I know his blog has already been awarded but for its originality and regularity it deserves another.

To everyone else: if I read your blog, you're excellent too. :)


kimananda said...

Ah, thanks...I do feel very honoured! And congratulations on your cross-post,'ve put a lot of work into it, and it's great to see that talent and effort properly rewarded. :-)

Niall said...

Your blog is certainly not past it's 'Tell By Date'!..I think that as one develops and grows, one gains insight and experience ...and as a result, our view of ourselves and the word changes ..becomes modified..what we write reflects is only by lookng back that we see where we have come from and how different we are. So what for you might seem like you have said it all already..for me..for us it new..or changed..wiser...and I for one have grown and experienced new things because of your writings here DM.I count myself a better and richer person for having come to know you...what i'm trying to say is don't you dare stop writing!


Violet said...

Congratulations on your awards, you certainly deserve them! :)

fb said...

Well done.

World domination next ;)

Chloe said...

yaaaaay! well done little Devil!
i don't know about personal blogs. i think they can be exciting if you don't hold back all the time and if you write about how you see the world. obviously numerous posts starting with "got up, brushed teeth, had breakfast" are not what we are aiming at. But your blog is not personal in that sense, it is personal in that it is about you as a person and not about the mundane trivia of everyday life (which can also sound exciting written in the right way).
Thanks for the award, i now have to find the proper dress for the ceremony. And make a list of who to thank.

Devil Mood said...

Kim: Thanks and you're welcome.

Niall: I understand the part about growing and looking back but that's something we can do privately, in our diaries, we don't have to bother the world with that ;) Anyhow, I'm not envisioning an end to this soon.

Thank you Violet.

FB: That's the next obvious step, yes ;)

Chloe: That's a great excuse for buying a new dress! I think blogs can be an interesting challenge to our creativity. Perhaps I should starting seeing it that way...hmmm.

Ps said...

Wow!What a pat on the back for your post to be pivked ny "top ten astrology sources".Well done!(not surprising--It was extremely well written)
I agree with you about personal blog.I too am discovering that--and constantly trying to 'value add' so the reader gets something from the post apart from knowing more about me!
I didnt know that poem was Venus in saggi!Now I am waiting eagerly to read your post.(according to the natal chart my venus is in capricorn)

missalister said...

Congrats!!! The honor is well placed. You’ve got a variation of what Chloe’s got. And along the lines of your inability to tell why everything that she posts is good, I can’t exactly pin down what it is that she’s got. It has something to do with a feathery-light, luminous and true spirit that for some reason causes you to want to protect it although it needs absolutely no protection and you know that but you nevertheless feel compelled... Anyway, your site feels cozy, you’re a lively and gracious host, and you’re unbelievably prolific (how do you DO it???)! Your site also has shades of Molly’s Orangette, She recently was discovered and offered a writing spot at "Bon Appetit." Perhaps you’re on your way to getting tapped for "The Mountain Astrologer" or the like! That’d be very cool, no?

Devil Mood said...

PS: Thanks :) That last part about the release and the freedom, if I'm not mistaken, sounded very Sagittarius. I mentioned Venus because I thought you had it there, but you have the Sun at least :)

MissAlister: I'm not prolific at all! I should be doing a lot more than this. But thank you for the lovely compliments. Wow, Orangette has a yummy site, well done her. Her name alone makes me salivate. ;)
Is there a Mountain Astrologer? I honestly have no idea but it would be nice :)
As for Chloe, there's the design, the wittiness and the rest is perhaps magic, I don't know hehe

Stephanie said...

Oh - don't stop blogging! But maybe after we've been around this place forever, it helps get other things started, like your super astrology site ;) Blogging's a place to try on different hats, to see what fits.

missalister said...

Magic, no question!

I quickly checked out the sites of your other award-winners. All awesome sites I’m going to return to for a better look. The be-still-my-heart award goes to Phish. I adore what comes out of his head.

Oh, yes, and The Mountain Astrologer

Ciao, bubbly one!

dharmabum said...

thats cool - i see you must be an insightful astrologer then, devil!

Scholiast said...

Congratulations! And well deserved too :)

I've been thinking like you, maybe there is an expiration date.. But then, just the last week or so (inspired not least by you never giving up on me!), I've begun to get back into blogging. Maybe there's no expiration date, only an ... interval date ...

Miss Iyer said...

Applause! Applause! Your blog sure does deserve to get an E-award Devil! :) And yeah, you're right, after a while, if there's no motive or goal, the blog starts to get boring and we start to pull out our hair wondering what to write about. :-/

Devil Mood said...

Stephanie: Perhaps I should visit the hat shop then :) I still love blogging.

Ciao MissAlister, thanks for the link, I'm glad you enjoyed mine. I heart Phish :)

Dharmabum: I think I'm an insightful person (not to brag), the astrologer part I'm not so sure ;)

Scholiast: Am I glad I tagged you! I need posts to read :)

Miss Iyer: Thank you. I hope there's an antidote for blog crisis.

phish said...

i feel like such an idiot. i am possibly the last awardee to come here. i can, of course, blame it on work and the associated miseries of an advertising professional, but this is unpardonable. and yes, you should have at least warned me!

thank you. thank you. i feel humbled and honoured at the same time. not to mention vain and pig headed. and no, we do not know each other personally. and yet i have felt a strange bond with your space from the first day itself. and this is not just to return the compliment.

and look at where its gotten me. i am glad i stuck with you. and rest assured i will till such time i get cured of this habit of baring myself in front of complete strangers.

but it feels good to be appreciated. i shall make a huge party out of it in the next post. my blog needs some happy stuff anyway.

thanks, again devil. now i feel like writing to you. snail mail style.

Devil Mood said...

Phish, I'm sorry I forgot to warn you. That was part of the rules so I really messed it up, oops!
Anyway, I'm glad you liked the award. And I'd really love to get a letter from you, if you like. I like to reply too. Send me an e-mail first :)

phish said... your email address somewhere on the blog? sorry my brain is functioning like stale cup-o-noodles today.

Devil Mood said...

Phish: Interesting comparison! Click on my profile, the e-mail is there on the side. :)