Monday, January 28, 2008

Joy of Six, right?

Preeti (PS) has tagged me on this and this is my reply.

The Rules:
- Link to the person that tagged you.
- Post the rules on your blog.
- Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
- Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
- Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

So after Miscellaneous, here's Random. Oh there's nothing like not following a certain road.

1) Starting from the beginning - I don't know the place where I was born. Isn't it odd? I only lived there for half a year and obviously I don't remember anything. Since then I never went back. I feel like I belong here where I live but, in fact, I don't.

2) Apart from my obsession with notebooks, I have another one - beauty kits. You know, those little bags with lots of little products that are basically useless apart from being really fun to look at and bringing some variety into bath time. Little soaps, little flasks, little boxes aaaah

3) My material obsessions end there basically, but I have others. Like men's jawlines and eyebrows. (sigh) Wait, is that material too?!

4) You'd be confused if you met me. I can be laughing and saying childish things in one minute and retreat to my shell and be completely serious and grumpy in the next.

5) I was reminded of this when Preeti mentioned loving animals. Nature shows are so interesting and beautiful but I've realized I can't watch certain documentaries because I feel bad for the lost, suffering, dying animals and end up crying and depressed.

6) I laugh histerically and very loudly. People stare sometimes. Oh and I don't write well under-pressure, since I had to come up with this complete random fact to end the tag. :P

I'm tagging:

- Kimananda because she's posting every day and she needs some creative support, as anyone doing Blog365 does :)
- Cathy because she's just written a post called "For lack of anything better to blog" - sounds like a cry for help ;)
- FB because I sense a complete blogger-comeback these last few days and I'd like to contribute.
- Mahima, simply to read what she has to say and read more posts from her.
- Violet because I'm always curious to know more.
- Scholiast because she's otherwise too lazy to blog ;))


Violet said...

Thanks :) It's done. very fun

Ps said...

4,5 and 6 sound like me!!(though I manage to hide it well) Laughed at #3.And no.1 isn't odd at all!!
Thanks for doing it!

kimananda said...

This is cool! I'll be contributing my ideas in the next few days. And I love both notebooks and beauty kits...I've gotten minimalist enough that I don't really buy too many of each (it's the same with books...everytime I move, I end up getting rid of so much, that now I try not to get the stuff to begin with). And laughing loudly is a sign of truly living, of being open to feeling strong emotion - sometimes I think I should be laughing more forcefully at the things that life has to offer.

Devil Mood said...

Violet: Ahh your new profile pic hehe Ok, I'll be right there to read it.

PS: My pleasure. Oh we are twins after all :)

Kim: Well, but laughing forcefully wouldn't be laughing for real. Some people laugh quietly but laugh a lot, so it depends on one's "laughter-system" - every laugh is a good thing, so we should all do more of that. Take your time to do this.

DayByDay4-2Day said...

are you Gemini??
I'm so moody just like you that's why I ask.

Scholiast said...

ok, I get it ;) But I've been tagged by Sam already, so I've got to do his first...

- be patient...

Devil Mood said...

Day: No, I'm not. But moodiness has to do with the Moon in Astrology, most of the time, so we could have similarities there.

Scholiast: I will be, I am :)

neith said...

Apart from my obsession with notebooks, I have another one - beauty kits. You know, those little bags with lots of little products that are basically useless apart from being really fun to look at and bringing some variety into bath time. Little soaps, little flasks, little boxes aaaah

LOL! I like those darn things too - and I agree about them being pretty much useless! Another type of kit i love to look at new is those for artists with lots of colored pencils, paints, etc. Usually the quality is poor but they still hold this promise of the joy of creating with them. Here's a picture of a great tin of the good ones:

=sigh= :-D

neith said...

arrrrgh! click on the blue underlined text . . . blogger!

Niall said...'s..they're all over the place right now...!It's good to read however....uh..wait..there's something happening outside...(gets up ..goes to window...comes back)..not to worry..I thought there was a fight was just the gentle sound of DM's laughter floating across the sea! :-)

Cathy said...

Oh, I will do this: thanks for the tag (it was a call for help!).
After I put some thought into it, I'll let you know when I've posted.
xo Cathy

Devil Mood said...

Neith: Those are beautiful and usually the smell is great too but it doesn't captivate me that much because I'm not very artsy, whereas I can use shampoo and soap really well haha

Niall: I didn't get it at first but now I do - you should be hearing it right now...

Cathy: I'm glad my tag was useful in some way. Ok, I'll wait to read that. :)

fb said...

I amended my answers...I have mixed feelings about my notebooks like certain things i don't woant other people to know about.

Its not about them but rather my personal observations and thoughts which I don't want people to know.

Then there are the ideas or clever lines I joy down that I don't want people to take as if I'm ever going to do anything with them.

And then there are song titles and DVD's that I want.

Scholiast said...

ok, done. And I didn't even mention Rufus, I don't think... I still feel terrible about not mentioning you in the other meme - yours is actually one of the blogs I still read regularly, but I didn't quite know how to limit myself, and well, B, he's a RL friend from the good old days...

But you have, somehow, rekindled my inspiration for blogging and I will be around more regularly.

That's the plan...

devil mood said...

FB: I wouldn't be too happy if anyone got my notebooks. I'd be panicking in fact. People wouldn't really care about what they read but I would!

Scholiast: Oh don't be silly! I know when you come here, I have Statcounter, thanks to you in fact. I will read it soon.
Well, you've blogged for a month today - I'm impressed!

simple me said...

boa noite! :)

eu também gosto muito de flocos da aveia e é muitas vezes o meu pequeno almoço no Inverno. se quiseres fazer a receita usa uma chávena de chá em vez dos cups e não desesperes pois colam-se um bocadinho mas são bons :)

em relação às flores lilases é engraçado pois perto da minha escola este ano ainda há bastantes ...

beijos e bom dia amanhã


simple me said...

... ah! fiquei curiosa ... onde nasceste? :)

Devil Mood said...

Simple Me: Hmm, estava mesmo a precisar porque o meu stock de bolachas está nas lonas. ;) Tenho de experimentar. Nasci em Paris.

chrispito said...

I hate wait, I hate Mercury Rx! GRRRR!!!@ First no internet for 5 days, then I post a hello and it gets eaten.
I'm over HERE ::waves frantically::

Great post, lol. Time for beer, bath, boyfriend, then bed. Not necessarily in that order ;)

Devil Mood said...

Hey Chrispito ::waves back::
I missed you! I've seen you around and I read about your internet problems. I've been having some crazy Mercury RX experiences myself.
Hehe you naughty girl ;)