Thursday, January 03, 2008

my baby

(thanks to Niall for making this artwork for my reports)

I'm very happy to announce the official launch of my new Astrology site. I've been working on this for some time and I couldn't wait any longer to deliver 'my baby'. Go and take a look at it (click on the image), isn't it a cutie?

This is my attempt at mixing one of my passions Astrology with my old friend Psychology, trying to blend it into an occupation. I'm determined to make this work: I'll be patient and persistent but this was the time: the Sun and Mercury are transiting my 10th house - it's time to show myself to the world and communicate.

As anything else on the Internet, I'll need all the publicity I can get so I'm counting on you and your benevolence as well :)

Here's a peek at what I'm trying to say over there:

The world we live in is in constant change and social and economic upheaval, asking us to adapt to these developments, to accommodate to what is considered normal and to step up to the next level of competence, ability and brilliance.
We want to be prepared for these demands and to fulfill our whole potential. We want to deal more easily with our insecurities and weak spots and we want to make the most of our qualities. We also want to know why certain things happen to us, why we react in a particular way, how we can start acting differently...

Astrology is one of the ways we can do this because it allows us to get to know our inner nature. It can warn us of some of the unbalances within ourselves and the way we can deal with them more constructively. Astrology provides us with a new perspective over the challenges and crises we're faced with and it gives us an original way of looking at our lives.

Astrology believes in a person's free will and not in predestined outcomes. This way, a lot of personal work can be done to improve our relationship with ourselves and the world around us. Even if some very basic traits cannot be changed, the more aware we are of what we're made of, of what our strengths and our weaknesses are, the more choices we have for the future. And that's where Astrology can come in, to help us make our own path.

I can't believe I'm quoting myself! Anyway, for now this will be a site to provide services; perhaps soon it will turn into an Astrology blog as well, or perhaps I'll keep blogging about Astrology here. Wish me luck!


Cathy said...

Oh, Dm your new site is absolutely wonderful! I love it...I look forward to reading more.

PS; sometime I should get your opinion on my sister-in-law, who has an obsessive compulsive personality disorder: if you haven't heard of it, just google OCPD; it's crazy how she behaves.

Devil Mood said...

Thanks Cathy :) I think it's looking pretty over there.
Yes, of course I've heard of it. Is she being treated? It is crazy and very odd for people from the outside, but inside it's worse because she must be suffering a lot, unfortunately. If you want to talk more, I'm all 'ears'. ;)

Anonymous said...

GET OUT OF FUCKING TOWN!!!!!! WOOOOO! You just made my night! Seeing your shortly...

Vesper said...

that's awesome! wishing you all the best! i'm going to ask my mom what time i was born....and then i'd like a report!

Stephanie said...

Very cool! I know first hand you are very insightful in your analysis.

Also, the site is much, much classier looking than your average astrology site.

Good Luck!

kimananda said...

Yay! I am so pleased...when I have an extra minute, I'll be checking it out more thoroughly. :-)

Devil Mood said...

Chrispito: LOL It's nothing special, especially considering you know much more about Astrology than I do :)

Vesper: Thank you! I'd be delighted to write at least 20 pages about you ;)

Stephanie: Thank you. I'm pleased to say that I've learnt a lot this last year and I've grown much more insightful.

Kim: You do have some responsability for this, you know? Those books were very helpful, still are :)

Ps said...

Hey congrats!!And all the very best! The banner does look great.

Devil Mood said...

Thank you Preeti :)

Niall said...

Wishing you EVERY success in this venture...I know you've been planning and working so hard to see this deserve to succeed.

PS..The banner looks good!

Miss Iyer said...

Good luck at it DevilM! May 2008 give you all the strength to take it forward! :)

Devil Mood said...

Niall: Thank you for your support now and before :)

Miss Iyer: Oh thanks, you're so sweet :) Happy 2008!