Wednesday, March 05, 2008


We won the game, but just by 1-0. We lost in the penalties.
So unfair. The statistics are painfully evident of our dominance throughout the whole game, even playing with only 10 men.
My heart is still beating out of compass.

I can't tell you how sad I am. This fabulous goal wasn't enough:


missalister said...

Oh, man, Devil Mood I feel for you!
I hope you don’t feel as bad as I did when my beloved Dallas Mavericks got blown out of the 2007 NBA playoffs in the first round! They were #2 in the Western Conference going in, and these underdogs, Golden State Warriors, who qualified for the playoffs on a fluke, and WORSE who were led by former Mavs coach, Don Nelson, whipped their butts. Inconceivable! The Warriors couldn’t make it another round into the playoffs because they’d used themselves up stopping the Mavs in their tracks. Rumor has it that Nelson, the 2nd winningest NBA coach ever, who’d signed on with the Warriors way late into their 2006-2007 season, was just fulfilling a grudge he had with the Mavs organization. Doubly heartbreaking.
I hope you’re back to your bubbly self soon! :-)

Devil Mood said...

I think I probably do.
Anyone who's a great fan of some sport, as I can see you are, knows what it's like. ;(
I was just on your blog when you commented here!

missalister said...

Oh! Well hi! I'm still here at your place so nice to find you home! ;-) Just left an additional comment re: the last bastion! I'm still cracking up over it. Hey! It just dawned on me, you're still up at 1:30am! You must be REALLY upset and having way too many thoughts flooding your brain! Maybe put on some soothing music? If you've not already done so :-)

Violet said...

I'm sorry that you're so upset =(

I must confess I had no idea about this game.. I'm alien to football.

I envy the passion of football fans though. It's nice to live something intensily. that's when we're most alive.

I hope u feel better soon, and enjoy this moment anyway. meditate about it =)
transcend. this is what works for me.

Scholiast said...

my condolances! :´(
we were watching the extra time and the penalty shoot-outs, and unfortunately Germans almost always win those .....

(as long as you're not playing against us, I'll support you :) and I never support German teams anyway...)

here's hoping next week's CL game will go better for us...!

fb said...

Terrific goal at least we'll remember it while its here...not much to say but I feel for you.

kimananda said...

My deepest condolences to you! It's the worst when your team wins, and still loses. :-(

Devil Mood said...

MissAlister: You're so sweet. The time wasn't abnormal, I usually go to bed at 2am (because I can). I was listening to a bit of tango, but it only made me sadder. I was still really on edge when I went to sleep.

Violet: Thanks. That's what I thought last night: "ok, I'm devastated but I must embrace it." But I'm not a Pisces, it's a bit difficult for me ;) I should probably draw some philosophical conclusions from this hehe

Scholiast: I got your postcard!! Thanks ;) They had a fabulous goal-keeper, he made some saves that were out of this world. But it was so unfaiiiiir (sob!)...I'm sure you'll be fine next week, you have a very comfortable lead.

FB: I don't have much to say myself. Actually I do, but if I start I may never shut up.

Kim: Yes, ironic too. And we won in every department, but moral superiority doesn't do it these days :( thanks.