Wednesday, April 09, 2008

all I need is the air that I breathe*

*a Simply Red quote that fits well since Mick Hucknall is a Gemini

After writing about Venus in Capricorn, I concluded the first half of the Zodiac signs (Fire and Earth) and move on now to Venus in Air signs, which at first glimpse looks like the biggest challenge for my "Venus as the Muse" study.

The Air element is more concerned with the World of Ideas and has an inner need to rationalise and objectively explain everything that surrounds them. They are able to detach and look at personal situations from a perspective other than their own, which is very useful for dealing with let-downs and unforseen circumstances, no doubt. They are positive and optimistic as long as they understand the logic of what surrounds them.

Well, as we know, Love may be a lot of things but logical is not often one of them and, on this investigation, I'm focusing mainly on love, relationships and love songs, the venusian aspects. Love and other emotions defy all kinds of systems and patterns; it is unpredictable, uncontrollable and unexplainable. This is obviously terrifying for people that need logic and so Air signs tend to repress emotions that they can't deal with. They'll simple ignore them (unconsciously) and lack the awareness of the emotional activity that goes on deep inside of them so they'll have trouble talking about their feelings.

They will talk about anything else though. Communication is absolutely essential to them and the base for any relationship they're in. They need the constant flow and exchange of ideas, sharing their thoughts with other people and hearing yours. They'll be very curious about you. In fact if you meet them at a party, you might be smitten, as they are the most charming, graceful and chatty party-goers. They'll make you laugh, ask you lots of questions and tell you about their latest crazy ideas.

Later if your relationship with an Air person becomes a little more serious, you will have trouble getting them to talk about their feelings. They feel like they don't need to because they're so unaware of that dimension. Imagine a little kid, innocent, the purest of intentions, trusting you 100% because they're profoundly idealistic. Deep down, Air types (like children) are extremely sensitive and vulnerable, but they're not able to deal with their emotional issues on a conscious level. So they might sulk when something's wrong or shut you out. And you can't force them to discuss their emotions (you can't do that with little children, can you?)

You just have to let them be, give them space and independence. Above all they look for someone to talk to, spend time with and have lots of light-hearted fun. If things get too heavy, they may be tempted to run away. They want a fun and communicative companion.

So the question for me is: is this emotional repression reflected in a lack of overtly romantic love songs? Or does the Air love for communication mean even a more frequent use of songs to express emotion? I'll have to go and see.

I don't know about you but my blog is boring me to death.


Standbymind said...

Nice one...

When are u going to talk about Leos?


Dr.John said...

No, it was interesting. Now I am thinking about love songs.

sirbarrett said...

I would have thought that air was about ideas though idealistic, lofty ones, that might not always be logical. I think I see what you're saying about them wanting to act things out and feel them but not talk about them. They are full of little games which might be confusing for the person trying to date them. I love creative people like this though. Sometimes you just have to sit back and watch them go.

missalister said...

I can’t say enough good stuff about these Venus as the Muse studies! Your writing is different when you do them, I think because you shine in the astrology arena, and therefore write with a strength of knowing that is attractive in many ways. When knowledge is accompanied by passion in proficiency, the conversation or writing about that proficiency is always interesting.

These Venus in Capricorn types seem like too much work, but they’re interesting! So I’m really looking forward to the musician-and-lyrics fiesta that you come up with to answer your question. I’m betting on “even more frequent use of songs to express emotion” :-D

Well, what I’ve just written is proof, but I’ll say it anyway: your blog is not boring me to death! You’re holding the steady-streaming blogging torch with panache! Folks like me depend on bloggers like you!!!

Niall said...

Fortunately for you..I don't find your blog boring!!!!!!!

Air is made up of many different gasses..Oxygen being most important, but on it's own in a pure form, can be can argon etc....Air is a mixture, and a correct balance is needed. cause us to breath....and appreciate those gasses which go often without name..

Devil Mood said...

Standbymind: I already did. :)

Dr John: Oh that's not a bad thing to think about!

SirBarrett: Yes, give them space. I think they might be full of little games but not intentionally, they're not aware that they twist the minds of people wanting to relate to them. lol
Perhaps you're thinking that they might be unpractical, that I agree. They are idealistic and lofty but don't always get things done on planet Earth.

MissAlister: ooh I'm holding the torch, best be careful these days haha! You think my writing changes? That's interesting. Perhaps it's because I'm writing about sth more technical and more or less objective. Or perhaps I have an "Astrology-book-kind-of-style", it's from reading too much.
You never fail to make me smile :)

Niall: lol I'm glad you appreciate gasses because of me. That's quite the achievement of the day :) You're right about the balance - you know what they say: "Nothing in excess" - this is from the Ancient Greeks.

Anonymous said...

hey, i love your blog, too...maybe a little break is in order? a week holiday? maybe it's just a computer thing...i get annoyed by being with a piece of electronica...just a thought.

and...your astrological writing is top rate!

Chloe said...

i am married to an Air person and i know what you say is true! I thought i didn't believe in those things. :)

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Devil, your blog can never be boring ...
However, I do know how you feel ... I felt like that some time last year. The enforced reduction in blogging has given me a new life in my blogging, now. I am enjoying it more than ever, and feel that I will continue along this line for quite some time (I hope so, anyway LOL).
Your zodiac posts are interesting ... have you done a Scorpio one yet ... perhaps I missed it during my hiatus !!
Take care, Meow

Miladysa said...

Not boring! Very interesting :-D

Now.... I have to go off and find that LEO post :-D

Devil Mood said...

Thanks Chrispito :)
I am considering a break but I still have ideas to post and I also want to continue with the Venus posts. I'm divided!

Chloe: That's an interesting sentence: thinking and believing are 2 different things. Maybe you believe, but you just didn't know ;)

Meow: Oh I'm happy that you got back some blogging joy :)
I haven't done the Water signs yet, so no Scorpio so far. I will get there.

Miladysa: Ok! But what I've been doing is concerned with Venus signs, not Sun signs. Anyway, it will still be interesting for you to read the Leo, even though your Venus is in Virgo :)

Ps said...

You are very right when you talk about the charm and wit of the air signs and their trouble about talking about their feelings.It aptly describes a few I know!

Devil Mood said...

PS: I aim to tell the truth :) Thanks for commenting.