Monday, April 21, 2008

Good things in pairs

If you look at the sidebar on the right, you'll notice a link to an Etsy Shop. It's MY Etsy Shop. You didn't see that one coming, did you? ;)

It all happened when my birds flew away. As you know, I'm a Sagittarius and you've probably seen the symbol for this sign - it's a centaur (half-man, half-horse) holding an arch and aiming high. Well, last week I felt like I had lost my arch and arrows. I wasn't aiming at anything and it was driving me insane. I was just a horse. And worse, I had a human heart and brain. Gah. So I thought: well, perhaps I should take myself to a mental institution...OR (it occured to me) I could start an Etsy Shop! lol

And the store was born. It is a collaboration with my mother, so we're selling things we both make. My speciality is the knitting department. My mother's more versatile and also makes jewelry and fox terrier booties. The store hasn't got many items yet but we'll be adding more gradually. It's been keeping me busy!

As I was saying to PS the other day, good news usually come in pairs, so I'll leave you, not only with the Etsy store, but also with my playlist. It's a small selection of the songs that have been part of my days lately. You can launch it [pop-up player] and listen to it while you're online doing whatever you have to do. I can't listen to it in a row because I get too unsettled. lol But I hope you enjoy it.


kimananda said...

What a cool soundtrack I have now for reading this post! :-) And I'm so dead impressed with your (and your mom's) new shop! I expect you can guess the item that caught my eye first!

And I know what you mean about feeling a loss of things to aim at. Not that I have nothing to aim at, but just that I'm also rapidly losing a lot of the other things I was aiming at before, and am trying to take the opportunity to set my sights on something new regardless of having to earn money at it right away. Which is a short way of saying, I'm so glad I'm able to get Scandinavian maternity leave!

And to answer the question you asked in the last post, nope, no insomnia, sort of. I sleep quite well actually...except when I have strange heartburn things. Then I end up getting up at 2 or 3, and then staying up until 4 or 5. It's annoying, but not painful or anything. I just have time to surf before I feel I can comfortably go to sleep again. Then I get to sleep in, sort of.

Niall said...

I'm listening to the playlist as i write!You manage to make your posts an experience's good and it makes visiting your blog a pleasure.

I understand what you have said about lack of is true that we define ourselves by what we do...I sometimes imagine that the Muse that should be visiting me has someone more needy to visit..but i know 'she'll come eventually if I leave the window open.In your've just knocked a whole in a wall and put a new window in!!..Fantastic!!..more light..more views..more chance for the muse to step inside.

madelyn said...

well i must say i just love your
new shop ~ i love scarves ~
especially ones with sparkle ~
they have such panache ~ i marked
a fave in your shop and was wondering
if you will be making those
gorgeous pins like the one you made
me for christmas?

I adore it and get so many
compliments ~ it is on my satchel:)


Violet said...

Nice to see you've found direction for your energies :)
This is very cool, I'm happy for u.

neith said...

Love your scarves!! They are so much fun and light hearted . . . must be your fire sign side. :-D Keep on knitting and very best success with this venture! XOXOXO

Chloe said...

well done! you are both so talented and I had to have the pisces pendant,woohoo! xx

missalister said...

Oh for goodness’ sake! This is what had you all mysteriously giddy like you were in love? Well I guess you ARE in love! With a very cool Etsy shop idea (I adore the photos of the teddy bear modeling the scarf and the baby set)! It is indeed one of the best experiences in life, to be excited about what you do and to be exhilarated every moment you’re doing it. I’m having a long run of muse trouble, as Niall mentioned, but I remember what being on top of the world with a defined purpose is like, and I know we can all the more appreciate how great something is once we’ve had a lack of it, like you’ve had being just a horse, so I have a good idea how elated you feel, and I’m SO happy for you! :-D

fb said...

Hello, my you've been very busy.

Even Teddy got involved.

Back to footballing matters tonight!

Devil Mood said...

Kim: How many months is the Scandinavian leave? That is a very nice prospect. I imagine you started aiming at very different directions lately and perhaps the directions will change again in a few months time. More than ever, I expect you to be full of surprises now ;)
Those fox terrier booties are funny, aren't they?

Niall: lol it's nice that you're so considerate about the Muse visits. When she comes to me, I simply tell her: give me all you got. That's probably my problem because then she has nothing left to give and leaves. :P
Fantastic metaphor, by the way, the window is working well for me.

Madelyn: Thanks, dear :) I'm so proud that you carry my pin around Vancouver and everywhere else your fairy feet land on ;)
I'll consider making more pins soon!

Violet: Thanks, finding the direction was really important right now!

Neith: Thanks so much! Glad you like the scarves, they are not boring, I think ;)

Chloe: Whoohoo indeed! I hope you'll enjoy it, Pisces girl :)

MissAlister: Thank you! Yes, this was what most of the mystery was about. I had to build it before I said anything.
There is a tarot card called the Wheel of Fortune that allerts for something similar: you can either be on top of the wheel or in the bottom and whether you're on one or the other you know that the wheel is always turning. Ironically, that's the card that corresponds to Sagittarius ;)

FB: hehe Teddy gave me a hand, yes! I will be watching (probably knitting at the same time, but watching nevertheless)

kimananda said...

I get 4 weeks before (I ended up with a couple of days less, but that was entirely my choice so I could finish with a few of my groups), and 11 months after. Of that 11 months, 14 weeks has to be taken by me, and then the rest can be divided between both parents. I'll take probably 8 or 9 months of them, and then Thor will take the rest is the current plan. So, I have until January or February before I need to be thinking about going back to work or school or both. Yay! :-D

And I love the booties. I'm thinking of making a request for your mom to make some in 6 month or even 9 month size to put in the shop. I'd definitely buy them. But I can't see using more than what I have now for a summer baby...I'm planning for the t-shirt and diaper, or onesie and diaper look until at least October or so. Maybe a set for a 6-9 month old with terrier booties and a matching cardie?

Miss Iyer said...

ehehhe. They're cute DevilM. I didn't know you knitted so well :) I love the sparkle scarf!

And oh, good things can come in more than just pairs ;)

Standbymind said...

Nice Nice!

Devil Mood said...

Standbymind: Thank you!

Miss Iyer: Oh I hope so! That'd be great!

Devil Mood said...

Kim: God Bless Scandinavia! Over here we have 4 months, I think, but just yerterday the prime minister mentioned extending it to a year. That sounds a bit utopical.
Your suggestions have been passed on, as I told you, and we'll talk about it later, as you wish. :)

Rositta said...

How silly of me not to have noticed that Etsy button, wow...good stuff, ciao

Devil Mood said...

Thanks Rositta :)

Julie Schuler said...

Yay! Devilmood! Sister knitter. I wish you the best of luck with your etsy site! Many happy sales.

Devil Mood said...

Julie: You knit too? :) Thank you!