Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oh my God :)

I love this woman!!

This is Duffy, the new kid in town, also known as one of the "new Amys". Her album is fantastically retro. But this song (Stepping Stone) just killed me right from the first time I heard it. I was listening to it and feeling that it evolved in all the right ways, it felt so perfect, almost like I had imagined it before.

Also I wondered if the lyrics weren't a reflex of Venus in Scorpio (it seems I can't get away from my Venus as the Muse mode). She sings: "I will never be your stepping stone, take it all or leave me alone" - it sounds a lot like Scorpio, the dignity and the all-or-nothing attitude).

My sources tell me she has Venus in Cancer but it is trining both her Mars and Saturn in Scorpio so it makes sense!! Also, she probably has Moon in Aries, like me, so she is now sort of my little sister (she's 6 months younger than me). We click. Don't mess with Duffy, k?

And enjoy. It sounds like a classic.


missalister said...

I like Duffy’s story, too. She’s so real and unaffected by her chart-topping success. I hope she stays that way. I suppose you’ve see all the YouTube stuff, but I particularly liked this one, where she’s working out “Syrup & Honey” and this interview with Jools Really awesome stuff! :-D

Niall said...

she comes across as a realist who loves to make music.I recently saw her interviewed in which she said that she had no idea how long her appeal would last..but until then she would enjoy expressing herself in the way she felt best.

I agree her songs have a deeply retro 60's feel to them which of course I like. I'm ashamed to admit that when i fisrt heard 'Mercy' i thought it was Amy.But now i know better...thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

A Duffy veio directamente dos 60's :) e o vídeo da Mercy é demais ;)

Violet said...

uau, não a conhecia. vou ver mais no youtube :) thanks

Anonymous said...

I love what I've heard of her so far. Her voice is dangerous!
Isn't her first language Welsh? I heard she never learned English until she was 10.

kimananda said...

I haven't listened to the video yet (it's probably not the nice thing to do in an apartment building full of sleeping people at 4am), but I just noticed the nice new shop you have in your sidebar! :-) Are these anything to do with those birds you were mentioning earlier?

brocasarea said...

hmm....interesting.....thanks for sharing!!!

brocasarea said...
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Dr.John said...

I never heard her before. I enjoyed.

Devil Mood said...

Missalister: hehe I'm watching the Syrup & Honey video now and it's funny. "Note to self" Wish I could sing like that!!

Niall: Well, sometimes they do sound alike! I'm so delighted with the quality of these girls of my generation, and their taste in music. Makes such a great change :)

Anon: A miúda é uma trip de volta aos sixties ;)

Violet: Vai, vai :)

Chrispito: In the interview with Jools Holland she says her father is english so she learnt both languages but she always used Welsh at school. Dangerous voice, yes :)

Kim: Yes! I redecorated "my cage" and got a store. I'll write about it soon. Were you insomniac last night? I only fell asleep at about 4:30 myself :P

Brocasarea: Thanks for visiting.

Dr John: I'm glad you liked it!

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