Wednesday, April 02, 2008

sunny day and obsessed people

ALLERT: My devil_mood[at] address isn't working at the moment, so please redirect any messages to the alternative e-mail addresses. If you don't have any of the alternative ones and need to contact me, just ask.

After a couple of weeks of unstable weather, Spring came back in full bloom yesterday. Full bloom means it was almost Summer. As good as. Or even better, if you don't like very high temperatures, like me.

Additionally, now it only gets dark after 8, so our minds and bodies are bound to be a little confused by this sudden change. Anyway, this has brought me a boost of energy and ideas, or at least the will to create ideas and do other things. Thank heavens for Spring and Aries.

On other notes:
Since I started posting my Venus in music posts, I get a lot of visitors from people who google Astrology things. But never did I get so many keywords than when I posted about Virgo. Here's a small sample:
* venus in virgo styles
* virgo sun venus in virgo
* how to be with virgo lover
* why virgos so moody
* my virgo girlfriend wants to be alone
* he has venus in virgo
* attract venus in virgo
* virgo love tomorrow
* man venus virgo
* venus virgo people
* virgo kind venus
* everything there is to know about virgo women
* venus in virgo love
* pisces and virgo songs
* virgo women
* what is important for the Virgo to do/know
* virgo can sing as well

I don't mean to disrespect these people because they're entitled to search for information as much as they want/need to. I have googled many things in my life as well. But I had to post this because I don't think this amount of virgo keywords is entirely normal. I can't imagine what it will be like when I post about Venus in Scorpio, Scorpio being the most sought after sign, for all the wrong reasons.

Speaking of my Venus posts I'm working on the Capricorn chapter and it should be ready soon but, as all things Capricorn go, it takes time to reach a quality that satisfies me.


Vesper de Vil said...

it's finally sunny here, but cold!

missalister said...

Only you, Devil Mood! Only your quick and super-efficient self would critique the content and quantity of search queries in relation to the topic being queried! ;-) You are precious, and that’s why we love you! I’m so glad you’re getting the traffic, though. I’d like to see you reveling in a best-selling astrological success story featuring you. Maybe this energy/ideas boost will be the catalyst!
Oh hey, I forwarded an e-mail that I’d written on 3/31 to another address of yours…so if in general is broken, and you didn’t get that e-mail, I’d take one of those alternates you mentioned!

brocasarea said...

have u read that famous signs book??..[cant remember its name]

Devil Mood said...

Vesper: It's 26 C here! Hot!

Missalister: hahaha Valeu? You've been learning portuguese behind my back, have you? Oh thanks so much :) I think I need to raise the level of my astrology articles to achieve that but I'll get there in my own time ;)

Brocasarea: lol that was funny. Well, I haven't read all the best sellers but I'm going to say: probably.

kimananda said...

'my virgo girlfriend wants to be alone'...that could be me, if you added the words, 'with her heartburn', or 'with her unbelievably annoying snoring', or 'with the baby'. It is interesting that so many searches are so Virgo specific! As for the weather, I agree, and here up North more, even better news is the light! It's actually light when the alarm goes off in the morning, and it's actually light now, and will remain so for a couple of hours more. That's what's fantastic about this time of year!

Niall said...

Vir you go! What is it about Virgo's..there's Virgo's here, there's Virgo's there...they're moved in next to me.."Virgo's the neighbourhood!"..or How about 'Virtual virgin virgo's in a very violet Volkswagon'?

Devil Mood said...

Kim: lol you're crazy. Yes, specific is the word. There's also a lot of Aries. Self-obsessed probably. Oh but that would be Thor. Perhaps you're googling each other ;)
I imagine the light must make a huge difference now :)

Niall: lol that reminded me of an episode of Two Pints of Lager that I watched yesterday where Louise was trying to perfect her speech by saying really difficult things.