Tuesday, July 22, 2008

iko iko

Enjoy! This so retro and modern at the same time...Let's go tribal today.


Niall said...

It's only 2 mins 51.!! thats not a piece of music, that's not even long enough for a good guitar solo! (I'm joking!) You know, i only heard a snippet from this song recently on a TV commercial..I think actually it was an advert for 'Littlewoods Direct.com' which features Trinny and Suzanna in the ad!

missalister said...

This was so cool. The best thing for me was that the beat of it reminded me of Fushu Daiko’s taiko drumming that I’d heard a few years ago. I’d forgotten about them and it took me a few internet searches to even home in on the name “Fushu Daiko”! I found two fairly good videos, a performance in Brazil and a performance with some freaky wall dancers. So thanks for the memory jog!

Devil Mood said...

Niall; I know, I was surprised that it was only 2:51, songs longer in audio. What a coincidence, especially including my friend T&S ;)

MissA: Ah I love them, I really like folk music in its literal meaning, what is called World Music. Now I want to dance around!