Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Special Blog GIVEAWAY

Hello all!
Did you know Giveaways are the new blog trend? Lately I've seen it here and there and I thought it was a fabulous idea. It brings a little excitement to the blogosphere and it makes me remember that giving is the best thing in the World.

Let's call it a giveaway on behalf on the blog's 3rd anniversary last month. Or it can be a special giveaway to launch the future selling of my photos on my Etsy shop (it's going to happen soon). Or we can call it a giveaway just because I feel like it.

So, for a chance to win this photograph I took in 15x20 cm format (that's more or less 6x8 in inches) all you have to do is leave a comment below, with an appropriate appreciation of the image (meaning: what does it remind you of? how does it make you feel? can you pick up a song to go with the mood?...whatever you'd like to say.)

You don't have to be a regular commenter to participate but you will have to provide personal data if you win, remember that. In a week's time I will randomly select the winner and announce it here.

Good luck!!


fb said...

There's always a golden light in the seemingly darkest of places.

rachel said...

This photo makes me feel like a winter night walk with my hubby! We have had quite a few night walks that i cherish!!

psi said...

It seems like a gothic castle/church with bats perhaps. Old buildings make me nostalgic.

deepbluewater said...

Mergulhei no azul profundo
E deixei-me levar…
Por entre ruas e ruelas
Nem a leve brisa, me fez acordar.

Subi ao mais alto da memória
E esperei por ti,
Chegaste perfumando a noite
E disseste-me que hoje seria o começo do fim.

Isto foi o que saiu quando vi a foto, relembrou-me um momento, que durante algum tempo simbolizou felicidade, e de algum modo a minha verdadeira identidade.
Se tivesse de escolher uma canção, certamente seria “ A Chuva” de Mariza.

Dr.John said...

It reminds me of a Linna ( Finnish castle).

Violet said...

the PSI person is me! I logged in after going to the psi class email.
I didn't notice it before!

Ps said...

The moment I saw this pic, snippets of words from a long forgotten song (It seems like another lifetime--I don't even remember the starting words--tried googling it--but it did not help.I remember the tune though--if only I could hum and google could throw it up for me!) came to my mind.The words i remember go thus..
"...Kindly leave a light on for me..I'll be back before you know..Walking in through that door..To give you all the love that you need."
Do you know which song it is from?If so--pls help !! :)

Devil Mood said...

Thanks everyone for participating.

Violet: Glad it's you, I wouldn't have guessed because the Psi profile is hidden.

PS: I googled it too and I think it's a song by Belinda Carlisle, called "leave a light on".

Niall said...

It's a really good idea to sell your photos on etsy..as I've said many times before, you have a good eye for composition!..I love the sky in this photo..it's very calming.

Michele P. said...

Out of the darkness, there is light. Shining like a beacon, becoming bright. Something comforting, that we all see-providing us with a sense of security.

pretty much feel by looking at the photo that:
even in the darkness, we can find light, to help us and guide us, in the dark of night.

great photo!


missalister said...

I’m still in the back woods of blogging so I didn’t know giveaways were a trend! LOL! And you know I’d recently wondered if bloggers holding writing contests was a trend. Also, I was checking out a blog site of someone who likes to meet her blog friends if possible. She travels a lot for work, so she has the means to do that. Maybe that will be a trend. All this makes me think of the “discussion” you, Phish, and I had once regarding advancement in technology isolating people or not. If all the aforementioned are becoming trends then the answer is no. Just a disconnected thought… The photo looks like a really cool, old monastery temple. Awesome time of day and angle to catch it!

cpullum said...

wow I love it!! So peacful reminds of a scene from a movie!!!!

Rositta said...

The first thing that comes to mind is the Blue Mosque in Istanbul but I know that's not it. Just about every castle in Germany along the River Rhine looks like that but not as big. Gorgeous photo, love the blue sky...of course blue is my favourite color...ciao

Shadow said...

that is the castle dracula's at. where he brings his innocent willing swan-necked girls to seduce and do with that what count dracula does...

Lilith Silvermane said...

I love this photo. My best guy friend would just swoon over it! He loves art like this, it's calming, mysterious and very original!

Holy Chaos said...

What a great idea!

Am I too late???

unpretentious said...

this pic reminds me of what i visualised as the house Rhett Butler built for Scarlet in 'Gone with the wind' book. this makes me think of the last scene in the book where she is running thru the mist in search of she knows not what and finally realises that it is to home she is running to, to Rhett.

beautiful lighting in the pic

Devil Mood said...

Thank you everyone for participating! It was really nice reading your views.
I've closed the "contest" for now and I'm drawing the winner next.