Monday, August 04, 2008

Summer nights

This weekend I went to a Moroccan-themed fair.

It was a small do but people like to go out on Summer nights.

Mint tea was the main attraction.

But there was also music and a belly dancer.

These are stone statues by the sides of the stage that they decorated with belly-dancing equipment.

Belly dancer and statue - who's imitating who?

Later on I went to a bar by the sea, where you can sit in sofas in the beach and listen to the waves. Unfortunately the photos didn't come out very well.

I realised flash photography doesn't work when you're facing the sea in the middle of the night. Go figure! (it works a little better if you enlarge it). Anyway, there were playing Jamie Cullum's It Ain't Necessarily So and I was pleased.


fb said...

Wow, now that's a summer night of things to see(sea) and do!

Although, you're magic camera seems to have eaten alot of the people again I think! ;)

My camera does the same thing as well I think or is it human nature to take pictures when our view in unimpeded?

Devil Mood said...

FB: Believe me, I had to delete a lot of photos due to the magical appearance of bold patches and chubby backs of the people around me! lol Plus I don't want to get sued for publishing other people's faces in my blog ;)

murat11 said...

Beautiful images, even the darkened ones. Thanks for letting all of us landlocked readers in on the magic. Peace.

chrispito said...

ooooh that looks like so much fun! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! :)

Gillian said...

It looks like so much fun!
It is nice to go chill out by the sea, isn't it? And, they played your song! Cool.
The tent with the tea looks intriguing, I'd likely have spent some time in there too.

Devil Mood said...

Murat: You're welcome!

Chrispito: It was neat ;)

Gillian: They had desserts and moroccan drinks. But being by the sea was much better. :)

Shadow said...

that looks like a magical evening to me!!! love those green lights you captured above the bellydancer

quitecontrary1977 said...

i wish i had been there! i love morrocan food and belly dancers!! fun!

Chloe said...

i'd love to have been there. was there also Moroccan food?

p.s have you disabled right clicking? people who use firefox instead of explorer need it badly :) xx

Devil Mood said...

Shadow: thanks, the stage looked very beautiful with the lighting!

Quitecontrary: Hello! Thanks, it was fun :)

Chloe: Oh really? I didn't realise, I will enable it then. I've used Firefox a couple of times but never noticed that.
Yes, there was, falaffel and such...but as I had already dinned I didn't taste it :(

phish said...

what an evening! i agree with you on the photos but somehow i can alsmost smell the sea and listen to the music. i hope you had good company.

good to be back.

Niall said...

I've always liked the art and decoration of Morroccan culture..I know you're a Vegetarian, but I love Morroccan Lamb dishes...lots of figs, apricots and cous cous! the photos are OK..conveys the atmosphere.

Devil Mood said...

Phish: Good to have you back! That place by the sea is really super, I think you'd like it.

Niall: OK is not good enough ;) I can eat the cous cous with the stew but the lamb has to be on the side.

Ps said...

Hey--this reminded me so much of my egypt visit--and I liked the last photo!!Its really nice.

Devil Mood said...

PS: Thanks, it was a strange looking photo but I'm glad someone liked it. I'm sure Egypt was a lot more exotic!

lissa said...

that first picture is ridiculous. that fair must have been so much fun.

Devil Mood said...

Lissa, hehe it was. They were trying to sell the lamps and, in the dark, I guess they had to have them lit.

Holy Chaos said...

So cool! the best i can do is a roof top bar overlooking our downtown! lol : )

nice pictures. my fiend Gina would love that bar. i would,too.

Devil Mood said...

Holy Chaos: oh, wish you could both come with me next time. You deserve a night out :)

Holy Chaos said...

okay, so that place is now on my places to visit!