Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas in the city

1. Inside a blue bell.
2. Lights, lights, lights everywhere.
3. A carrousel.
4. Really really bad photo of the illuminated trees. I took all the photos with my mobile.

I saw a Christmas concert in the street. Lots of people all afternoon doing their shopping or taking the kids to see the inflatable snowman, write letters to Santa, ice-skate. I'm hoping this year is less about buying and more about enjoying. Financial crisis is terrible but it makes people think a bit more, at least I hope so.  


Anonymous said...


missalister said...

Ms. Mood, these are gorgeous, utterly breathtaking photos!!! That killer mobile strikes yet again!
I have a feeling your hope will be reality for a surprising number of people. I know it’s been true for me. I’m oddly at peace with having way less money to spend on gifts, almost as if a burden has been lifted. And it certainly has cleared my head to make room for more meaningful things to filter in.
Wishing you bells, lights, love and beauty everywhere :-)

Shadow said...

that looks so beautiful!!! i'm hoping to go out tonight to see some lights. i think i'll take some piccies too.

Niall said...

I like the first two photos especially...your observation about the 'credit crunch' is certainly many people, we have to plan carefully all year round what we use our resources for..i'm very proud of the fact that we don't use credit cards ,and live within our means...i hate the greed with which many people are motivated...sadly this lifestyle doesn't go down well with my eldest son who thinks his life will be complete only with the purchase of an Xbox!

murat11 said...

I love the phantasmal look of your pix, DM.

Natalie said...

great pics...even the mobile. I thought it was charming.

"less about spending and more about enjoying..." that is what is should be about every year.

Devil Mood said...

Vesper: thanks :)

Missalister: I can understand that, sounds less stressful in a way. Hopefully the killer mobile will continue to strike.

Shadow: I would like to see that!

Niall: Give him time, he'll soon understand (I hope!)

Murat: lol, they do look a little strange.

Natalie: True :), thanks.