Saturday, December 13, 2008

the return of the unprodigal blogger

This or that way? Where did it go?

Here she comes with large steps, boots smeared with mud, no, not really, just your casual home wear to keep the feet warm in this cold Winter. 
Does she bring heaps of inspiration? No.
Does she have loads of blog posts just wanting to be written? Nope.
Does she have some answers for her strange behaviour of late? Yes.
Does she miss blogging? Yeaaaaah.
(I recommend this third-person dialogue, it's so liberating when you need to address yourself, try it!)

I haven't been able to blog much but I have been writing a lot. I wrote a fair bit for myself and then I wrote an even bigger chunck for educational reasons - because I had a big english exam to prepare to and I would write everyday. I can hear your cries of interrogation. "Ah english? Why would you need to study that? You write english perfectly." Well, ah, that's where you're wrong. I did have to study and I'm glad I did because every day that I wrote and did exercises I realised more and more how little I knew of english and how limited my blogging vocabulary was. I have no doubt in my mind that blogging has really helped me to practice these last few years, but it doesn't teach you how to write proposals, or complaints, or ...

I could have still used the blog to practice even further, that's true, but this obligatory writing drained me. And what is more, I've been a lot less imaginative as of late, maybe because I had to channel all the imagination to these writing tasks, but I'll tell you now - not having imagination sucks. I need to get mine back. What to do? What to do?

I appreciate that many of you still haven't given up on me, even when I used pretend-Winter posts with stuff that was written in the Summer or when I posted videos with only a quick hello. And now I'm off to enjoy my solar return and hopefully the return of my imagination as well. One can only hope.


Rositta said...

Welcome back! I've always thought your English quite good but I guess your right, exams are quite something else...ciao

Shadow said...

you'll get your imagination back! maybe it's just napping, heee heee heee

maddie said...

happy birthday

dearest astro girl:)



chrispito said...

happy birthday! how did your exam go?? I finished the semester last week.
I've been finding inspiration in the most unlikely of places. Doing anything creative with though...that's another matter!

Niall said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!...and many happy returns of your imagination!

Devil Mood said...

Rositta: thank you. Yes that's true.

Shadow: Probably, seeing as it is so cold over here!!

Maddie: thank you so much :)

Chrispito: Hey, thanks! It went okay, not brilliantly but okay. You're right, applying the inspiration isn't always easy.

Niall: hehe Hope so too. Thank you.

missalister said...

Oh lord but life without happy Ms. Mood is a drag! You coulda put three words in three lines and I’da thought it was sublime.
And also your b-day? 12/13 or 14? I want to write it down so I can harass you properly next year :-)
About your imagination: take this pill and call me in the morning if you don’t feel inspired ;-)

fb said...


I think I've discovered the ultimate Blog written before there were Blogs although it may be old news to you but I have a copy of 'the Book of Disquiet' by Pessoa in translation of course. Only just begun reading it though.

I'm sure your written work was absolutely fine.

When was your birthday? Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good one!

Funny Premiership season so far lots of strange results but Liverpool are somehow at the top...the season nobody really wanted to win?!

murat11 said...

Hey, birthday girl, blogging is throwing pasta against the wall: the art is in the throwing: who cares what sticks? We love your blog island because of your wonderfully zany personality, not because you blog dutifully.

Zen mind, beginner's mind: blog on, blog off.


Devil Mood said...

MissAlister: It was on the 14th. Oh a new blog, always nice :) Thanks!

FB: Oh really? I never read that entirely, only passages, but if there ever was a genius it was Pessoa. :)
Yes, it was this sunday.
True, some results have been unbelievable but I guess that if Liverpool are still top of table, it is deserved!

Murat: lol, I loved your message and love the pasta against the wall metaphor. :)

sirbarrett said...

Your english is better than mine...