Sunday, March 08, 2009

Any excuse will do to post Klimt's Danae.


Ah women...what is there to say? 
Just know that you are fantastic and have a great day.

In the meantime, take a few minutes to listen to Isabel Allende's talk on It will make you laugh and perhaps cry too, but above all it will tell you that we're not even remotely there yet. If you don't have the time because you're an independent, working woman, well you're half forgiven. Just half because we women demand it all from each other.


floreta said...

yay i'm glad you featured this! i've been wanting to but not sure what to do.. hmm.

missalister said...

What a commendable thing you’ve done, Ms. Mood! To offer a connection to one of the most intelligent, passionately inspired, and well-delivered messages I’ve heard to date. Isabel Allende is brilliantly, powerfully in touch as she takes on the serious matter of world change as it relates to women, and infuses it with precisely the amount of well-placed humor to open audiences to be impacted in the best, most effective of ways. Bravo, DM!

Aathira said...

Lovely :)

Happy Women's Day!

Anonymous said...

thank you, dm. beautiful image, as well.

Stevi said...

thank you for this. i am listening to it right now. She has so much passion and she is funny too!

murat11 said...

DM: Thank you for linking us all to Isabel's speech. She reminded me of my old mentor friend Glasfira, who was also Chilean.

Glad, too, that you used the "any excuse will do" excuse for posting Danae.

Peace to you, Warrior Woman.

Devil Mood said...

Floreta: I wasn't very inspired myself so I let Isabel talk for me.

MissAlister: Isn't that talk wonderful? I was so inspired when I heard her.

Aathira: Likewise!

Chrispito: You're welcome, sister (lol).

Stevi: I'm glad you're enjoying it. She manages to be really funny yet concern us with women's issues.

Murat: hehe Thank you :)

sirbarrett said...

Women are so beautiful, so tough, resilient, intuitive and crafty. You have to love them. Happy belated Women's Day!

Niall said...

We have quite a few of allendes books on our shelves...will listen to the clip next...(I keep having problems getting your blog to anyone else experiencing this?)

As you know, I love the Klimt..thank you for featuring it!

FB said...

Come on Porto!