Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Desperately seeking Blogging

For a long time I've wanted to get back to blogging, right now I feel like I need to get back too.
I feel like most of the things I do online these days are fruitless and not productive and nearly not as fulfilling as blogging can be.

The truth is while before blogging came naturally, these days it will take more of an effort. I don't even mean an effort of inspiration or commitment to blogging, I mean an effort of attention. Have you found that the Internet is ruining your ability to focus on one thing at the time, even your ability to think and write something from beginning to end? Well, I feel this way and I'd like to have my concentration back, please.

But that's not the reason I want to be back - though the number of times I've stopped writing this post to go and check other browser windows is quite unnerving - it's mostly because it's an old habit that is a lot more interesting than most of my current habits and I miss all the interactiveness and camaraderie in blogging.

I don't know what I'll be blogging about, to tell you the truth. After being almost away for so long(I was neither here nor away, it was a strange combination) it became very awkward to be talking about my life in a blog - I don't mean to the friends I made here - but to the random reader, the stranger that might pop round and visit. In all honesty, I was never one to share too much and I never really believed I owned a blogged - it more like 'I write in a blog'. But I'm sure I'll find something to share.

The reason I mentioned thinking about joining Tumblr is that it's a much more obvious way to share contents - be they texts, videos, visuals - and less of a diary format. But Tumblr has the very annoying thing of not allowing comments in the way Blogger does, it allows people to comment but only if they have a Tumblr and reproduce what you posted in their own page, which I dislike***. So for now I'm here and this is probably the most boring post I've ever written.

[*** Vesper de Vil has told me a way of allowing comments on Tumblr from other social network sites, it is possible, but right now I'm enjoying this old format again.]


Vesper de Vil said...

It's really easy to add comments to Tumblr. Just pick a template that allows Disqus.

Devil Mood said...

Vesper, really? And it allows for people outside of Tumblr to comment too? I didn't know. Thanks!

Aathira said...

Hope to read more of your blogs :) I love your photo blogs the most!

murat11 said...

How wonderful to have you back, with whatever you choose to write about. It's YOU I want to hear about (and from), not the content alone. It's like being invited into a gallery or a bookstore and just being allowed to wander.

I know what you're saying about the possibly insidious aspects (and influences) of the internet. So many formats that force you into a brevity that does not match one's preferred mode of communicating. As stodgy as Blogger's format can be, I still appreciate its simple elegance: I get to have the look and options that appeal to me, and I'm not FaceBooked with a 420-character limit. I'm usually just getting started at 420.

Mea culpa: I'm just babbling. I so love having you back here.

Devil Mood said...

Aathira, thank you. I haven't been photographing much lately but I always like to include a good image.

Murat, haha exactly, character limits and such complications are no good. Thank you for your enthusiasm :)

Lucy said...

i so understand! I've been so distracted lately as well. too much multi tasking is making me unable to focus and keep on task. it's like I NEED to do at least two things at once. WHAT is happening to us??
I am happy you're back to blogging.
I've always enjoyed your posts.
Lately another thing that's kept me from blogging much.. TOO many people I know now know about my SO holds me back from just letting it all hang out. I should change my name.

Devil Mood said...

Lucy, you are absolutely right, why can't we focus on one thing at the time?
I've always kept my blog very secret, precisely because I thought people reading would limit what I wrote. If you feel like you need more 'freedom' you could definitely create a new place.

Natalie said...

Hey Devil Mood,
I am glad you are still here. I miss bloggin-it was such a creative outlet for me. I think I might just blog again-IF I can find my link. lol I miss all of the freinds that I made. Do you remember Eric? I wonder what happened with him, His blog was so fun to read.

Take care.


Eric said...

@ Natalie

He's right here. :)

@ DM

Long time no see, eh? There is a long stretch of time between now and when I left blogger, but I use tumblr now and can totally recommend it. As a platform, I think it's slicker than blogger, and it has a better interface. Everything is (free)ly customizable too.

Devil Mood said...

When Natalie first mentioned Eric it didn't immediately ring bells but now I remember, of course I do. But blogs are easier to remember than names sometimes ;)
Oh yes, I like the Tumblr interface :)

Devil Mood said...

When Natalie first mentioned Eric it didn't immediately ring bells but now I remember, of course I do. But blogs are easier to remember than names sometimes ;)
Oh yes, I like the Tumblr interface :)