Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mantra - sunday scribblings

Still trying to get the hang of this, says girl with over 700 posts.

The word 'mantra' is close to the portuguese word to describe a light blanket 'manta', and it seems fitting to think of a mantra as something that you can use to wrap around yourself, to make you feel secure and protected from the outside world, something that comforts you.

Instead of a mantra I seem to have songs on loop in my head. My brain appears to be hypersensitive to musical patterns and even words - sometimes I hear a word somewhere and that immediately reminds me of a song with that word included and my brain starts reproducing it. Hey, I don't need an i-pod, what can I say? ;)

According to the Wikipedia the mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that are considered capable of "creating transformation" - the songs on a loop in my head certainly don't contribute to such thing, unless getting irritable is a transformation, but you also have to lookout for the negative mantra. What is it? It's that voice inside your head that keeps repeating things that are not positive for you - self-defeatist, pessimistic and many times involuntary comments we hear inside our heads. We would probably benefit from replacing these with a good mantra. A nice, soft and summery blanket.

still adjusting to my old blogging shoes...

*completely forgot where I got that photo from but it's not mine.


Lucy said...

aha! a blanket! that makes sense!
I had no idea of this and yet I just wrote a post describing my (newly found) mantra as being comforting!
I also have lyrics running thru my head ALL DAY LONG! My newest is Waka waka by shakira.. I CAN NOT stop singing the chorus!
Nice post Devil mood! Nice having u back to S.S.

Miss Alister said...

Repeat after me: Blogging with my old friends is a nice, soft and summery blanket.

Say it over and over: Blogging with my old friends is a nice, soft and summery blanket.

Until you believe it: Blogging with my old friends is a nice, soft and summery blanket.

Because that’s what it is. And it’s nicer with you here looking up at the stars with us : )

Divaa D said...

i m trying to hold on to that blanket!

My melodious mantra

keiths ramblings said...

What a great analogy. I just hope my blanket doesn't start singing to me I go to bed tonight!

Dee Martin said...

what a nice mantra - songs play in my head all the time. Glad to have you here too. I say yell back at those negative voices - you can outshout them!

Archna Sharma said...

Perfect analogy, I love knowing where it derives from also. Thanks!

murat11 said...

700+ Girl:

I like the mantra/manta connection, and I have certainly known some music capable of transformation - some of which was introduced to me by you. On our weekend jaunt into the hill country up to the Rio Pedernales, we listened again (and again) (and again) to Lhasa's The Living Road. With some of the songs, it could easily have been retitled A Death Foretold. What an awesome woman.

Devil Mood said...

Lucy: haha addictive songs are my specialty! I know your pain ;)

Miss Alister: That's exactly the kind of mantra that I need!

Divaa D: It's a daily effort, right? :)

Keith: I hope not! But singing blankets could be a good thing to commercialise.

Dee Martin: It could very well be a shouting contest sometimes ;)

Archna Sharma: Glad to have you here, thanks for the visit.

Murat/Paschal: Good to know that Lhasa is still keeping you company in road travels. I have a feeling she loved road travelling.