Friday, August 25, 2006


My dog is getting back to normal

Have you ever been obsessed?
I get obsessed sometimes, it's never healthy but there's a certain satisfaction around it. And then it stops, thankfully. I don't know why I'm talking about this.
What I know is that I haven't been around much lately. I don't seem to have the patience for blogging right now. My mind has been everywhere else.
I think I'm going to turn off the computer right now to go and get some sun. No work for me today. My great-grandmother used to say (people tell me so because I never met her) that you should never start things on a Friday because they never work out well, meaning chores and work. So, I can't start anything today.


kimananda said...

Not starting things on a Friday...that's good advice. I'll be using that one, I'm sure.

And I'm obsessed with things all the time. I think it's a natural part of being someone who gets interested in things. Why would anyone not be that involved with anything?

Best wishes for your cute dog, and have fun away from the computer! :-)

Chloe said...

i am glad for your dog!
don't worry about this kind of obsession. i think it's part of learning. you dive into things for a while, then come out.

sophie said...


I just love animals so much.
I could have a farm i would
be so content:)

fb said...

He looks quieter a little wiser...

It was a good game yesterday, Liverpool v West Ham and Kuyt was better than I'd imagined.

My obssession is to go to to Anfield this season.

Stephanie said...

I prefer to say "extremely enthusiastic" instead of "obsessed" :)

Devil Mood said...

Kimananda: I'm sure you will :) We should all learn from each other's excuses not to work ;)

Chloe: Yes, it might be something positive sometimes.

Sophie: I know, me too! A farm is my first dream as a kid :)

FB: Kuyt was great, at least he was trying. I was thinking: God, why don't we have players like that? You should definitely go to Anfield and you deserve it.

Stephanie: Good idea :)

Meow said...

What a lovely photo of your dog. Great to hear he is doing well.
Nothing wrong with getting obsessed with something, so long as it doesn't take over from everything else !!
Have a great week, take care, Meow

Cathy said...

I am this way as well; for sure. Thanks for posting the photo of your dog; what a cutie! :)

Devil Mood said...

Meow: You're right, I think we have to balanced, always.

Cathy: I have to agree, he is cute ;)

DayByDay4-2Day said...

Wem all need to take a break once and a while... it gives the noggin a chance to catch up.