Tuesday, February 27, 2007


OK, not so much action, but "action" as they say in the movies.
I had a weekend full of films. And good ones. On Saturday I watched Monster and was mesmerized by Charlize Theron's performance. How much more realistic could she be?
I couldn't really understand the director's position on the matter though - he could've made it into a drama, a sad thing with lots of tears, but he didn't. Despite the film having a very personal perspective with the narration of the character along with the scenes, in the end she is a little ridiculed. Despite focusing on the love story between the prostitute and the girl, there's not much exploration of how it felt for both of them when the girl handed the other to the police.
I wondered where the money for the rights of the story went. You can't just take somebody's story and not give someone credit for it - but she was already dead by then.
On Sunday I watched the Motorcycle Diaries. What can I say? It's beautiful. It's inspiring. The portrait they do of Che Guevara is of a sweet, compassionate man. Somehow that's not the kind of man you associate with revolutions. And that makes him even more special.
And then I stayed up until 5:20 am to watch the Oscars. Obviously I didn't have to get up in the morning, so I decided to take advantage of that. It was probably the first time I watched it until the end. But it was so boring and predictable. Nevertheless, it was a good night for GREEN, Al Gore and the environment. Not too bad, after all.


Ps said...

since we many a time seem to like the same things,am making a note of these movies..One more thing i simply must do.

holy chaos said...

lucky you getting to watch those movies. I haven't seen any of them. i rented "flushed away" but haven't had a chance to watch it yet. there are so many movies that i want to see... that are not animated! hehe

[eric] said...

Were they live over there? What time did they run it? Did you not sleep or something?

I'm waiting for Netflix to send me Babel.

Devil Mood said...

PS: They are strongly recommended, especially the Motorcycle Diaries :)

Holychaos: Yeah, I know what's it's like with kids. When my cousins were younger we watched Cinderella or Little Mermaid every weekend. It was so boring.

Eric: Yes, they were live, so it started at around 1 o'clock or 2, I can't remember now. I wasn't really sleepy so I managed to watch the whole thing. I slept in the morning :)

Sophie said...

I loved Motorcycle Diaries!

I think Bernal is drop dead
gorgeous as well which can't
hurt any revolution.

Revolutions can be sexy.

Devil Mood said...

Sophie: Absolutely, with him it would be a very sexy revolution heheh

Niall said...

Was watching Donnie Darko tonight..third time..i think I need a forth time!I think I prefer 'Harvey' with James Stewart.

Devil Mood said...

Niall: Donnie Darko is really good! The other one I don't really know.

dharmabum said...

LOVED the motorcycle diaries - it is such an inspiration, being a part of that very part of his life that brought about those radical changes. the guy is such an idealist, it is hard to be that way :)

i liked the book even better though! in fact, it was the book i had read first.