Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I present you...Porto

The main avenue - strangely deserted. A statue of one of our Kings - the liberal one that came to rescue us from the absolutists. Down there it's the city hall.

Have you ever seen Pierce Brosnan this big?
This tower is one of main features of the city, but it's being cleaned and someone decided to cover it with a beer-advertisement. People are appalled.

It almost looks like a civilized european town haha

City hall

Finally, I remembered to take my camera with me! It was about time I showed a little more of my hometown. In this post I focused on the neat and organized part of the town. But there's more to come. Enjoy!


holy chaos said...

Your city is beautiful! How old are the buildings? Thank you for sharing. It does look like a civilized , romantic European city.
That is terrible about the beer advertisments!

Ps said...

So beautiful.Lovely pictures.NowI must visit portugal.

kimananda said...

Your fair city is my second favorite in Portugal. ;-) Don't forget photos of how it rises up from the banks of the Douro (both the Porto side and the VN de G side...that's the best part!

Sophie said...

Do you have a Flickr account?

I want to come comment and visit
you there!

I also want to come visit and
comment on your city and have
dinner with you!

Devil Mood said...

Holychaos: I don't think they're too old, probably from the early 20th century. The lights make it look romantic, don't they? ;)

PS: Yes, you must! And this isn't anywhere near the best features of Portugal.

Kim: Yes, that's true, especially seen from Gaia, but I haven't been there in a while so I don't have pictures :(

Sophie: No, I don't. My mother does and she steals some of my pictures to put in her page. hehe
You should definitely come and I would love to be your guide :D

Anonymous said...

I love it... wish I could visit.

Niall said...

what a beautifuly lit city!Shame about Pierce!

Tess said...

The city is beautiful - I would love to visit...but Pierce is beautiful too - so no prob with him being there!

Devil Mood said...

Day: Maybe one day :)

Niall: It's only temporary, though it's been there for quite a while now. Hmm..

Tess: Thanks for visiting! It could be worse, you have a point there!

[eric] said...

Wow. Beautiful city.

Perhaps Pierce paid a slight contribution to the government in exchange for posting a giant ego banner?

Devil Mood said...

Eric: haha I think it was the beer company that paid a giant fee: both to Pierce and to the city hall. And I got nothing...nothing but Pierce's ego demonstration!