Thursday, March 01, 2007

More from Porto!


Who are those?

A typical grey day is a good match with the city, since it's very grey itself.

Typical houses. It makes a difference when they're taken care of and someone lives inside. And spring is blooming!

Liberty Square could be its name in english.

It looks cold but it wasn't. Just very, very grey...

Me inside a phonebooth that had no phone!


Scholiast said...

Oh no, you don't know what you've done! I will be coming to Porto now, and hunt you down, you're aware of that?!?! It looks beautiful, grey or not - anyone knows grey can be coloured off...

[eric] said...

Reminds me of Amsterdam a bit.

Niall said...

Although I prefere the night time shots..I can imagine what a brilliant blue sky and a few leaves on the trees could do.

Is it a bird? it a plane?..NO!..It's Super Devil!..

fb said...

Hello you in a phonebox!

Come on Porto!

Porto! Porto! Porto!

lady miss marquise said...

Porto's beautiful! My ex flatmate's boyfriend is from Porto, and she was in awe at its beauty.
I love the red phone booth, reminds me of jolly England!

Meow said...

Porto looks like an extremely beautiful place. I'm sure I would love to come and visit sometime. Thanks for sharing.
Take care, and have a wonderful weekend ... Meow

dharmabum said...

whatever it is in the phonebooth, doesn't look anything remotely associated with the devil :)

u know what devil, i've always enjoyed watching places through other people's eyes. i had a friend from america who was with us a whole month, and much of what i know of america is through him!

hope i'l be able to visit portugal one day *sigh*

Scholiast said...

Nothing to do with this, really, just wanted to say I've fallen in love with the song Coisas, by Ornatos Violeta... I've got one more song with them, Ouvi Dizer, which is also great. D'you happen to know if the rest of their stuff is similar (= worth buying)?

cat said...

As fotografias estão espectaculares!!! quando eu me ponho a tirar fotografias nunca ficam assim ;P a praça da liberdade parece que tem neve, n é? :)

Ps said...

Loved the first and the fourth pictures.Loved the architecture.Beautiful place you live in.

Sophie said...


take lots more -
you take wonderful photos!

I love the top one with the
gumdrop colors!


Devil Mood said...

Scholiast: lol Maybe that was my intention ;) Ah, that song 'Ouvi Dizer' brings me a lot of memories. I think that album is supposed to be very good, I don't own it so I can't be sure. It's called 'O monstro precisa de amigos'. I have the previous one on a tape but I'm not too in love with it.

Eric: oh Amsterdam, I wish :) But it's still my hometown, I like it.

Niall: The sunlight makes wonders especially on the riverbanks. It's splendid there but I don't have pictures :( Oh, that's right, phonebooths and superman heheh

FB: That square is where all the Porto's conquests are celebrated, if you must know.

LadyMiss: Oh really? What a coincidence! The phonebooths are being preserved, even if some don't have phones inside anymore.

Meow: You'd be very welcome, let me tell you. Have a good weekend too!

Dharmabum: I'm glad you enjoyed the little tour. Hope to bring you more soon. If the trips can't be made physically, then at least we have blogs and photos :)

Cat: A luz está mesmo típica, faz as coisas parecerem muito frias. Mas ficaram giras.

Ps: Thanks, Glad yoy liked it :)

Devil Mood said...

Sophie: lol My camera is rubbish but I'll try. I'm enjoying bringing these sights to you :) thanks and hugs!

holy chaos said...

more beautiful pictures. the phone booth shot is very clever! :)

why does little LK start crying whenever i get online?????

oh no! Mom is having fun, can't have any of that!

you are lucky to live i such an interesting city.

Vesper said...

thanks for posting these! it's great to see where you live...such a beautiful place! i want to visit!

Devil Mood said...

Holychaos: I'm glad you like it, even if you can only take quick glimpses of the photos.

Vesper: Thanks :) Glad you liked it.