Monday, March 10, 2008

Águas de Março

This song came up today in my playlist and it occured to me: It's raining! It's March! It's the waters of March, just like the song. Yet I'm in the wrong hemisphere, of course. Summer isn't ending here.

This is Tom Jobim and Elis Regina in a brazilian Tv show called Fantástico. I love Jobim, a timeless genious.

I keep wondering why Bossa Nova is so sad and melancholic (this song could be an exception)...almost as sad as Fado.


missalister said...

This song was so pleasantly mesmerizing. I had to find out what they were saying so I found this site What an artsy, lovely, rolling song! “It’s the rain pouring, It’s river bank talks about the waters of March...closing the summer...It’s the promise of life in your heart, It’s stick, It’s stone, It’s the end of the road, It’s the rest of a stomp, It’s a little alone...” But the Portuguese gives it the lazy-playful, rolling dreaminess. Very nice. So my horizons have been broadened yet again, thanks to you! ;-)

Devil Mood said...

Missalister: There's also an english version called 'Waters of March', just like there's an english version of Garota do Ipanema (Girl from Ipanema) :) Glad you liked it.

Miss Iyer said...

Surprisingly its raining here too in Chennai this morning. It almost never rains in March here! :)

Devil Mood said...

Miss Iyer: It's the power of the song hehe.