Thursday, March 20, 2008


Can you feel it? I hope you can, especially if you've had a freezing grey Winter.
This is a busy time in terms of events: the Vernal Equinox today (aka Spring), tomorrow it's the Full Moon and Good Friday and then Easter. But today is a new beginning with the Equinox, we're entering Aries and that means the beginning of a new astrological year. I have a clear sense of deja-vu saying this, so I probably wrote exactly the same thing last year. It feels like yesterday but let's not go into that.

I wanted to post something colourful and I remembered this video, which Niall will certainly enjoy. It's one of my favourite Nineties pop videos.

"Confide in me" - are you that kind of person that people confide on? Do you find yourself constantly being told other people's secrets? To tell you the truth I'm not sure whether or not others confide in me! That must mean they don't. At least I don't remember anyone coming to me saying: "I HAVE to tell you something!!" or... "I've never told anyone about this before...". I believe it's a question of building trust and making other people feel comfortable, but there are some people who seem like secret-magnets. The kind of people you tell things to when you least expect, they seem to inspire some fundamental safety that makes us blurt out truths without thinking twice. Has this happened to you?

I don't know why, but suddenly I feel like asking questions. I'm enjoying the interactivity.


Ps said...

Will come back and see the video as I like almost all your videos.(Its the middle of the night here, my headphones dont work and I dont want others waking up)
And so strange i am EXACTLY the kind of person you are talkign about..The things people confide in me amazes me.(and so funny I never confide in anyone)

Rositta said...

I don't know about spring, I know the calender says so but crickey, it's freezing here. I am a magnet for peoples confidences, it's amazing. I have never betrayed a confidence, ever. I don't often confide though as I have been betrayed...ciao and happy spring.

Niall said...

The idea of secret magnets is quite quaint...but you're attracts like they say.As for the Kylie video!..that's one secret i let out the bag!..although this song was from her least sucessful period ie: anything before the gold hot pants!!

Violet said...

This video proves Pop music CAN be genious. She's brilliant here.

I loved your question. I like to think one of the things I do best is making people feel confortable enough to tell me their deepest secrets...
I think it's a plutonic and neptunian thing. If you're at easy with the dark side and hence don't tend to judge, it shows and people talk, because it's useful, therapeutic, fun..etc. It also takes neptunian transcendence/ understanding. People are grateful to be able to talk.
I feel my conscience expands whenever people tell me secrets that shock me, it's defying.
Because then I have to realize that that is part of reality of being human and thus part of me and people I see everyday.

kimananda said...

I don't think that people confide in me, but that may be because I'm in regular contact with so few these actually I'm not sure. I tend to confide in very few people, so that may also play a factor.

And happy equinox, and Good Friday, and of course, weekiversary! ;-)

Devil Mood said...

PS: OK, don't wake up India because of me ;) Yes, I think I have confided in you. You didn't disappoint me ;) But why don't you confide in others? Can I guess - venus in Capricorn (I'm working on that!)?

Rositta: Oh that's a shame (both the cold and the loss of trust)...

Niall: Yes, it is, but that's when I liked her best. This period and an album called Impossible Princess if I'm not mistaken.

Violet: You're very therapeutic ;) That last part of your explanation is great, I think it shows you are evolved. The majority of people would probably react to shocking secrets with one: stay away from me!

Kim: lol Happy weekiversary ;) I know what you mean, sometimes it's hard to tell...

Chloe said...

that's a nice song.
People confide in me all the time. I look trustworthy, i suppose. But i don't pay much attention to it. I think confiding in someone and then forgetting about them or not trying to build a friendship, means nothing. I only need the confidence of people i can confide in too.

I've missed your blog!

neith said...

are you that kind of person that people confide on? Do you find yourself constantly being told other people's secrets?

Yes, most definitely . . . and I hold other's confidences very close (I have lots of Scorpio) :-)

Aries is here and Fire is back!! yay!!

Devil Mood said...

Chloe: You're completely right but you know what also? Sometimes people just need someone to lay their troubles on, someone who listens and it doesn't really matter if they become friends or not, it may be even better if they don't lol.

Neith: Well, I am witness to the truth people deposit in you, me included so yes, you are. :)