Sunday, April 06, 2008

Do I sound repetitive?

How many fingers do you see there? Three?

Do I sound repetitive? It's because I am!!

I am repeating myself because Porto are champions for a third consecutive time! And this time we're still in the beginning of April. We are SO good, we are superb, we are the champions.
I'm 24 years old and I've seen my club as portuguese champions for 16 TIMES! Since I started watching football as a commited fan (1994), Porto were champions 10 TIMES! So if I'm not euphoric it's only because I'm so used to it. Almost every year there's a reason to celebrate and be proud. But winning is always great, especially when it's well deserved. I love my boys :)


Dr.John said...

It's always good when your team wins.

Ps said...

Everybody(well almost)loves the winners.

chrispito said...

I love my boys, too! Oh, wait...;)

Salar said...

See Please Here

kimananda said...

Yay! What cool news! :-D

fb said...

?That's an amazing statistic!

Devil Mood said...

Dr.John: No doubt! Thanks for visiting.

PS: heheh the losers don't love them so much ;)

Chrispito: lol

Kim: I know!

FB: Innit? ;)

Niall said...

"I love my boys :)"

We'd never have guessed! :-)

Devil Mood said...

Niall, I know but I could be less discreet. I could post about them everyday if it didn't lead me to a mental institution lol