Sunday, July 13, 2008

LISTP - News bulletin

In case you're distracted, LISTP are the innitials of devil mood's blog.

Sunday lunch - light salad.

A bulletin to let you know what's going on.

Lettuce vertigo.

devil mood has taken a liking to beer. Except it's non-alcoholic and lemon-flavoured so she thinks it doesn't count. She's in it for sugar-free bubbles.

Reading glasses.
devil mood bought huge brown sunglasses. They're good for reading, when in the sun, of course. She's currently devouring this book. It seems that devouring is the correct term for when books are this good.

Finally, devil mood has learnt how to crochet and she realised it's much more fun than knitting. She found that she could do anything in crochet, it's no wonder people have their toilet seats covered in it, as disgusting as it might be. Crochet is cool.

Note: devil mood's a little concerned that people might think fame has gone to her head and now she's speaking of herself in the third person but she's asked us to assure you that it's nothing like that.


deepbluewater said...

Hummmmm...that salad seems delicious!!

Holy Chaos said...

crocheted toilet covers? lol

i used to know how to crochet

your book looks interesting. I just started the Harry Potter series.

chrispito said...

ewwwww crochet covers are like carpet in the bathroom! NOT GOOD, lol.

Your sandwich looks delish. Wow, what the heck, that was a salad...oh my I'm losing my marbles.

I love when you show these kinds of snippets of your life. Endlessly fascinating!

Violet said...

the sunglasses are gorgeous.
i'm getting a liking to beer too, with sprite. but with alcohol. the other one tastes like wheat to me.
i like devil mood talking in the third person. it's fun hehe

Niall said...

Food!...Beer!...Books!...Crochet!....We LV DM @ LISTP !

(even if she does have a crocheted toilet seat!)

Devil Mood said...

Deepbluewater: It was very good.

Holy Chaos: I'm sure if you grabbed a needle and yarn, you'd be able to crochet again after one or two tries.
I read only the 1st Harry Potter, I liked it but I wasn't enchanted.

Chrispito: eheh thanks. You mean actual carpet all round? Ugh.

Violet: But sprite has a lot of sugar, don't want that. It gets a bit bitter in your mouth when you stop drinking, I guess that's why some never stop ;)

Niall: I'm confident I won't go crochet-crazy and get a toilet-seat. I promise.

Shadow said...

yum! that food looks completely edible. now i'm hungry!!!!!

looking forward to YOUR sins, heee heee heee

Dr.John said...

It likes like you or she or whatever is having fun.

Vesper de Vil said...

crochet is definitely very cool. i have crocheted, but i've never knitted...

Devil Mood said...

Shadow: Will post them soon. This kind of food porn should be forbidden,no?

Dr.John: True! Same thing.

Vesper: I think knitting may be easier, but crochet is less boring.

Ps said...

LOVELY pics! and i am suddenly hungry now :)

dharmabum said...

so what makes DM famous, huh? :)

Devil Mood said...

PS: that makes two of us! :)

Dharmabum: DM is famous in the blogworld. Didn't you know? Shame on you! ;)

dharmabum said...

ouch, are you? well, bum don know much, but well, i can say i know a celebrity too :P

Devil Mood said...

Come on Bum, you're an even bigger blog celebrity than me ;) Admit it!