Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Venus in Scorpio as the muse part II

Mars disarmed by Venus ( Jacques Louis David )

Continued from here:

Despite their individualism, Venus in Scorpio is extremely willing to commit to a serious relationship (Alone buddy there ain't no peace of mind, that's why I'll keep searching till I find my special one) and when they do they are completely focused and dedicated to their partner. You can be sure that the relationship is their absolute top priority. Natalie Merchant remembers: for seven years you were loved, (...) you were all I could see. A tad obsessed, perhaps. Obviously, for someone who seeks a body and soul intimacy with someone, a lighthearted relationship just won't do (Honey, I want the heart, I want the soul, I want control right now)!

Because they give so much, they expect the same from their partner and have high standards when it comes to love. (Cheap romance, it's all just a crutch, You don't want nothin' that anybody can touch). When they enter a relationship they are entirely sure that it's what they want (when it comes to love there ain't no doubt) because their feelings about people are extreme: they either like them a lot or not at all. Bruce Springsteen explains: you got to give it all or nothing at all, if what you're thinking of is love, I want it all or nothing at all. Beth Orton thinks: I’d rather have no love than messing with the wrong stuff.
Which leads us to one of the greatest myths associated with Scorpio: Sex. Following common astrological knowledge, you might think you're dealing with a bunch of perverted maniacs, when it's quite the contrary. Yes, Scorpio is very connected to sex but as a transcendental body and soul experience, an expression of love. So, in general and if they're emotionally stable, this isn't a sign to take sex lightly, because, like love, they take it seriously.

Venus in Scorpio's feelings are known to be very intense, probably why they sing things like: I wanna die with you, Wendy, on the streets tonight in an everlasting kiss, or It's never over, all my blood for the sweetness of her laughter. Beth Orton asks: I told you I loved you now what more can I do? Do you want me to lay down and die for you? Carla Bruni (Sun in Capricorn) explains the phenomenon in her song Le Excessive: c'est que l'existence, Sans un peu d'extrême, est inacceptable (meaning that existence, without some extreme, is unnacceptable). She goes on: Je suis excessive, quand tout explose, quand la vie s'exhibe, c'est une transe exquise, basically saying that the explosions and life make for an exquisite trance. Nelly Furtado shares the feeling: I don't want ambivalence no more. (these people are keen on double-negatives, it seems).
When you enter a relationship with someone with Venus in Scorpio you must be prepared:
a) to be stripped naked of all of your secrets; (I've got my sight now, I see everything you hid);
b) to not find out about your partner's secrets because they simply won't tell (She weaves secrets in her hair, The whispers are not hers to share, She's deep as a well);
c) to deal with your partner's need for control. (Baby, let me be your soul driver). This one in particular might be tricky: Scorpio is reported as the most jealous of all signs. (I wish I were blind when I see you with your man; see also Natalie Merchant's song: O Jealousy).

Not only are they possessive but they're also constantly tormented by an underlying negativity when everything should be running smoothly, a haunting feeling (for instance, that their partner will cheat on them). This causes them a great deal of suffering and added need for control. Natalie Merchant sings: Once I could love, I could trust, I could not doubt, but that was the worst thing that I could do. She adds: never again, not in this life will I be taken twice.

This need for control leads to a lot of struggling and fights in their relationships (see The Streets' Get Out of my House song, for a row), as they're not prepared to give the other person the upper hand or admit they're wrong but at the same time they do not respect those who don't stand up to them. Scorpio has a great empathy for human suffering but none for weakness of character. This happens because they are extremely brave emotionally and are willing to make tremendous sacrifices for love, but not everyone has the same ability, which is what they fail to understand.

They also won't put up with betrayal. An eye for an eye...is another of the myths associated with the sign - vengeance. The truth is they won't attack unless they've been attacked themselves. They have a great concern for justice, not the impartial justice of Libra, no, but a personal one: Did you really think that you'd get away, escape my justice until your dying day? asks Natalie Merchant. She states: All the wrong you did, I might forget you, but never forgive.
Mike Skinner has a song about a lost love when need for revenge is visible: I know you want to make her see how much this pain hurts but you've got to walk away now. In the end dignity seems to have won the battle here.

If you're willing to deal with all of the above, you'll gain a partner capable of extreme (what else?) loyalty and support (Now our luck may have died and our love may be cold but with you forever I'll stay).

Colour correspondence:
Green - Bruce Springsteen (Sun in Libra)

Light Blue- Beth Orton (Sun in Sagittarius)
Orange- Mike Skinner (Sun in Sagittarius)
Burgundy- Jeff Buckley (Sun in Scorpio)
Blue- Nelly Furtado (Sun in Sagittarius)
Violet- Natalie Merchant (Sun in Scorpio)
Other green- Carla Bruni (Sun in Capricorn)


cat said...

très bien ;)

Ps said...

How do you find all these songs!Amazing.
Now I'll see if any of my friends have venus in Scorpio..(can't recall instantly if anyone does)

Shadow said...

good grief, that's me down to the last t. (i'm scorpio btw). one thing though, i give my all to the relationship just as you wrote, intense, all-consuming, but when crossed or threatened, it dies overnight, and cannot be reignited.

Niall said...

this is a little like someone aslready knowing all about me..I can agree with just about everything you have writen here..I particularly like the lyric you include from Carla Bruni about the need for some extreme!"...I hate mundanity although to look at my work you think all my life involves is sitting at a table putting dots of ink onto paper.But it's like someone once said..The cup of tea has to be hot or chilled..luke warm is just yuk!

Devil Mood said...

Cat: merci ;)

PS: Well, I read them all and I choose, it's a tough job!

Shadow: Yes, that is Scorpio too, I forgot to add that - it's part of the all or nothing situation. Thanks for adding that!

Niall: How nice! I do think that for one to put dots on a piece of paper for hours on end, something really extreme and extravagant must be going on inside, the force that commands it all. But I know you more or less well, so my opinion doesn't count.

missalister said...

I got a kick out of the impass of not wanting to give the other person the upper hand yet not respecting the person if they don’t stand up to them. Then I thought, “Oh dear. I do that…” And when I read Shadow’s comment it about put me over the edge. I have that night and day switch, too. And I’m a Pisces! Should I see an astrodoctor pronto? ;-)

Devil Mood said...

MissA: haha an astrodoctor, I loved that term! You might have some Scorpio influence, the Moon, or Mars or even your Ascendant. You can do your chart for free on astro.com. Do it and tell me if there's any Scorpio in your chart :)

missalister said...

k, that’ll be fun :-D
it’s on the list to do tomorrow.

Cynthia said...

A passionate & pleasurable essay.
Love the added color, really made your words sing. I admire the research and energy you put into this piece, quite knowledgeable, and I"ve learned much!

Devil Mood said...

Cynthia: Thank you very much! I really appreciate that. Indeed it's a bit of an effort but it's worth it, I think. There's also part I, if you haven't read that already :)

rebecca said...

oh, yes. i married a scorpio: passionate, controlling, fiercely loyal, compassionate, giving, unyielding. an attraction that extends to other females in the family (he is very good in charming women, yet not intentionally a charmer...it is a natural born thing). a smile that stills makes my heart flutter.... *sigh*

oh, yeah, i have one of them at home. and it's been wonderful and aggravating...

Devil Mood said...

Hi Rebecca, thank you for your valuable testimonial. Even your testimonial was intense! There's nothing like confirming it with the real people. I have Venus in Scorpio myself. Thanks for dropping by :)

missalister said...

Finally! (Well, I didn’t say what tomorrow I was talking about did I? LOL!)
Scorpio shows up in two places, in the Planetary positions (Neptune/house 5/retrograde) and House positions (ascendant 6th house) categories. Now tell me how long I have to live! ;-)

Devil Mood said...

MA: Hope you got my e-mail on that subject :)

Vandelay said...

.. I have 6 *planets* in Scorpio & 3 others in the 8th house .. & opposing Saturn in Taurus .. it takes a special someone to get my energy flowing in Venus & I'm going through this now .. oh .. the heights & the depths that love takes us .. only Scorpio understands .. it's called living & without the extremes we are just zombies ..

Devil Mood said...

Hi Vandelay - I have Venus in Scorpio myself so I know that's the only way we know how to love. It's exhausting in a way.

Aaron I said...

Blessed blood of red pure truth pulsing through these descriptions of venus in scorpio, feels to me. Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Vesta in Scorpio I was born with.

Ah yes, beautiful, deep, passionate mystical loving union with self, life and another.

Devil Mood said...

Hi Aaron, I'm glad you enjoyed the post and that it rang true.

Anonymous said...

wow, i have a scorpio moon/neptune and sun parallel pluto (which i've been means something) and this rings so true!!

hard to find one who can handle the intensity but when you do, loyalty undying unless they betray... can spot a scorpio energy (sun, moon, venus) very quickly and then there is this 'unspoken communication' that creates a bond. been a painful ride as i finally came to understand astrology which gave me great peace of mind about my intensity but i wouldn't live any other way. thanks for the great posts.

Devil Mood said...

Anonymous, you're welcome and thank you for visiting. You really can't walk towards spiritual growth without some pain and that process is all very scorpionic.

Duška said...

I think it isn't so simple when scorpio venus and libra sign. I dated a guy who wasn't commited or loyal at all. He admitted he cheated every girlfriend and doesn't want commitment or marriage. But again, he had bad uranus conjunct venus aspect.

Devil Mood said...

Hi Duska,
there are indeed a lot of aspects to consider when talking about the individual. I was merely making a general characterization, as you probably understood.

Carmelomjfan121 said...

Hmm... this is all me! But the only difference is that if my lover were to hurt me in some way it would probably turn me on... Lol... i probably wouldnt seek revenge until we've talked it over and i feel as though its reasonable i guess... This is probably because my Mars is in Virgo (I prefer to serve) and Sagittarius is in my 12th house (born to suffer) I dont really care. Any sort of anguish or pain turns me on... I love all extremes of love, the good and the bad, well thats Venus in Scorpio for you... Oh and I'm sun in Sagittarius btw, so i tend to forgive and forget very easily... :P I think the songs that describe my placements in the matters of love are Michael Jackson's "You Are My Life" , "Don't Walk Away" , and "Butterflies" then when I'm angry Beyonce's "Ring The Alarm" LOL... xD

Devil Mood said...

Hi Carmelomjfan121!
Good to hear your thoughts. We tend to accumulate songs that are a lot like us as we go along, they work a bit like mirrors.
How do you relate Saggitarius in the 12th with being born to suffer? Is that because Capricorn is in the Ascendant? Sounds really drastic to me, can't we be a little bit more optimistic? :)

Luka said...

After reading this I thought about the lyrics that I most relate to emotionally, and I immediately thought of "Professional killer" by KMFDM... So I looked it up, and sure enough Lucia Cifarelli is a Venus in Scorpio too... Scary stuff.

"Conquer your world
Study you quietly
Count the ways
I'll do anything you say
There will be no holding back
Legions of me

So cruel
Longing eternally
Bitter sweet possibilities
A tiger on the attack
Ready to bleed

Tragically yours
Obey and submit to me
I will find you
Wherever you hide
Got a thrill for the hunt
A skilled criminal mind"

Devil Mood said...

Luka, that is excellent stuff! Thank you for adding that to my little collection.

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