Thursday, October 16, 2008

just do it

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From time to time, a random song comes to my head completely out of the blue. I haven't been listening to it, or come across it anywhere, it simply blooms out of nothingness. I suspect it's triggered by something I thought, but I'm not sure. Yes, I realise it sounds completely crazy and that's because it is.

Yesterday, I was minding my own business, as much as possible, and this song came into my head. Since my mother owns the CD "Nothing like the sun" I went to get it and listened. And it made so much sense to me.

Be still my beating heart

It would be better to be cool

It's not time to be open just yet

A lesson once learned is so hard to forget

Be still my beating heart

Or I'll be taken for a fool

It's not healthy to run at this pace

The blood runs so red to my face

I've been to every single book I know

To soothe the thoughts that plague me so

Sting writes amazing lyrics - I didn't have much chance to appreciate them when I was doing the Venus in Virgo post because there was so much to go through, but they are wonderful.

I think anyone that is emotional has stopped at least once to try to hush their beating heart. My logic has drowned in a sea of emotion. But the song has a point, it's not all about trying not to get very red in the cheeks or control the trembling of your hands.

Never to be wrong

Never to make promises that break

It's like singing in the wind

Or writing on the surface of a lake


murat11 said...

DM: Have loved this song and album for years. I've been a bit off Sting of late, but his early post-Police stuff (especially Soul Cages and 10 Summoner's Tales) was awesome. Saw him live plenty of times. Nothing Like the Sun is also the title of a wonderful novel by Anthony Burgess about WS. Would fit nicely with Passion.

Shadow said...

you're right. those lyrics are amazing.

Niall said...

The song sums up the thoughts one has that although we have suffered the pain of love that has been lost,and although we know that to give ourselves once again will indeed potentially bring pain again..we cannot help ourselves..we have to love.

Devil Mood said...

Murat: I'm not a big fan myself, particularly of Police but I have to admit the man has a certain touch. And, yes, he explains the title of the album has to do with a Shakespeare line. :)

Shadow: Glad you liked them too.

Niall: Absolutely. I like that - we can't help ourselves. hehe