Thursday, July 16, 2009

arrancarte de mis adentro

Have I mentioned how much I love flamenco?
First of all there's the guitar, which in itself is enough - see Paco de Lucia, or listen, in this case. Then there's the attitude, the furled brow, the chest tapping, the clothing. And, of course, the voices that seem to fly away in the heated plains of Andalucia with that fenomenal accent that eats all the consonants so every word is baby-talk (in this particular, there is a song included in the Morir de Amor CD called Cai which actually refers to the city of Cadiz, except people over there eat so many sounds it ends up Cai).

This song has been playing in my head on and on. Even though it was performed in a tv singing contest it was one of the best performances I've ever heard.


murat11 said...

Formoso? Belo? Caro? Encantador? Which best applies? Every word is baby talk. I like that.

Rositta said...

When I was younger and single a group of us went to Little Portugal at least once a month and always saw a flamenco show prior to the dance floor being opened up to us. What wonderful memories I have of those times. Once during the Toronto Film Festival, Whoopie was in the same club as us having a ball...ciao

SleekPelt said...

Hello, Devil Mood. It's been a long time -- I hope all is well. It's nice to swing by your blog and see that you're still enjoying the world.

dharmabum said...

hey there, how have you been? :)

missalister said...

Ah yes, the passion and pained expressions to go with the music that hurts so good. I told you yesterday on my site that I enjoy the nouveau flamenco style of Ottmar Liebert. So when I saw this empassioned display here, I laughed wondering if the German Liebert could possibly burn so hot as Paco de Lucía who was born to this fire! And I must be really sick, because again, I enjoyed learning, this time about the Andalusian consonant-eating!

Niall young said...

I've np idea what they are singing about, but it is a evry tense and passionate feeling...I like it.

Natalie said...

Cool song! so passionate

Natalie said...

Cool song! so apssionate

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Devil Mood,

I've been swinging through the e-sphere after a few months absence, and it is lovely to visit everyone who writes so well.

I had no idea, prior to today's, visit, that you were a Lusitanian love child hailing from a product of the Iberian Union.

Which means, dear DM, that your mastery of English is exactly that.

Profoundly so.

And your lyricism is lovely.

As per flamenco, I echo the other words.

Although, I confess to being a bit startled the first time I actually saw flamenco being performed... (I came it via the music and songs, alone).

It was in Sevilla and I thought the singers heart was ready to burst out of his cheeks; his veins were near to bursting and his foregoing of a microphone, and still overpowering the accompanying guitarist, were beyond belief.

That, my first live performance, truly beggared belief and left the paucity of my prior imagination exposed for its barrenness.

As per the denizens of Cadiz, or Cai, with that marvelous dipthong "ai", I think they swallow their consonants, and their vowels, out of jealousy at the fame of sultry Sevilla, smashing her feet on the banks of the Guadalquivir, dancing out the rhythm of Flamenco for all the world, and keeping the title of birthplace of the same for her wealthy self...

With much love from across the waters...